OnePlus 10R and 9RT Receive Significant Update in September 2023

In a move that has delighted tech enthusiasts and OnePlus users alike, the company has rolled out a fresh update for its OnePlus 10R, 10R Endurance Edition, and OnePlus 9RT smartphones this September. The update is identified through OxygenOS build versions CPH2411_13.1.0.590 (EX01), CPH2423_13.1.0.590 (EX01), and MT2111_13.1.0..591 (EX01). It’s not just a minor tweak; this update comes as a regular installation package, ensuring that users get a comprehensive set of improvements and fixes.

One of the most notable features of this update is the inclusion of the August 2023 Android security patch. Security is a top priority for any smartphone user, and OnePlus is making sure its devices are up-to-date in this regard. This is particularly significant for users in the Indian market, where the Chinese OEM is now expanding its reach. The update is not just limited to security enhancements; it also brings a host of other features and improvements that are yet to be fully disclosed.

The update process is straightforward. Users can manually check for the new software update via a few easy steps, making it accessible for everyone. This is especially beneficial for those who may not be tech-savvy but still want to keep their devices updated with the latest software.

OnePlus’s commitment to providing timely updates is evident in this latest release. The company has previously announced that select devices launched in 2023 and beyond will receive four major Android updates, extending the support period and adding value to their smartphones. This is a significant commitment in an industry where software support often wanes as hardware ages.

The OnePlus 10R and 9RT are among the company’s flagship models, and this update solidifies their standing in the market. It’s clear that OnePlus is not just focusing on hardware but is equally committed to providing a seamless software experience for its users. This update is a testament to OnePlus’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, making the OnePlus 10R and 9RT even more appealing choices for those in the market for a new smartphone.

In summary, the September 2023 update for OnePlus 10R and 9RT is a significant one, bringing security patches, likely feature enhancements, and an extended support commitment. It’s an update that shouldn’t be missed, and it’s now rolling out to users globally.