It has become our absolute necessity to keep our gadgets powered up all the time to stay connected with rest of the world. And here comes the need of power banks which has become essential these days. After testing several power banks from major heads like Asus, Mi, Honor, etc. I bought OnePlus 10,000 mAh power bank recently from Amazon to give it a try.

I purchased this unit from at 1,399 INR. OnePlus is selling it in association with Amazon in India, but the stock availability is always in woes. So not sure if it will be available whenever you want to buy one.

OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank (2)

So the packaging is typical OnePlus style – Minimalistic, mix of Red & White! As you’ll open the box, you’ll be welcomed by the 10,000 mAh power bank unit. It also has a USB 2.0 charging cable and user manual.

It comes in two signature textures, Silk White & Sandstone Black. And ours is Sandstone Black.

The slightly curved and delicately crafted build & design feels comfortable in the hand. Measured at 142.8mm in height, 72.6mm in width and 16.2mm in thickness, it can be carried quite comfortable in jeans pockets.

The Sandstone back finish makes it anti-slippery and less prone to scratch & smudges. Installed with Lithium polymer battery makes it Light, sleek and durable at only 220 grams.

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The company claims 10,000 mAh battery cells inside but when put on real word testing it delivers around 8000 mAh of power only. Power bank gives an output of 2A when used on one port whereas I got 1A output when charging two devices at the same time. It was bit slow when charging two devices simultaneously. Also, it doesn’t support pass-through charging; means you cannot charge power bank while it is powering up another device.

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I was able to charge my OnePlus 2 for around 2.5 times and my secondary device HTC One M7 for around 3.5 times. while the company claims, it takes about 5.5 hours to charge, but It took around 6.5 hours when I tested it using a 2Amp charger.

There is no wake-up and sleep button given; power bank automatically turns on when you connect a device for charging, and intelligently stops when you plug out the device or the device gets completely charged.

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The battery indicator lights are motion-activated. Consequently, shake the power bank twice to display the remaining battery. The four LEDs represents the 25% part each of the charge remaining in the power bank. So, if only two lights are blinking, it means about only 50% charge is now left. When no lights are activated upon shaking, it is time to charge the power bank again.

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The Verdict

Overall, I am convinced how it differentiate and stands out from the crowd. The Nicely designed power bank is slim, lightweight, it rarely heats up and easy to carry along.

I must have to admit great looks definitely steals the show here. And two USB charging ports in a 10,000 mAh capacity power bank that too just for Rs. 1,399 makes it a worth buy from my side.

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