One in ten Indian mobile searches are related to Cinema, says Google

In a country which is ruled by Bollywood and where people are more eager to know about the Khans and Bachchans, Google India has come up with a new way to create an immersive Search experience for answering queries on films, songs, trivia, trailers for Indian Cinema. Now if one asks Google questions on Bollywood, it will give more rich and contextual answers.

Director Karan Johar, Google India’s Marketing Head Sapna Chadha, and Search Product Manager Satyajeet Salgar highlighted the search engine history of India in Mumbai. In research, it was found that 1 in 10 mobile searches is related to Indian cinema. For all the local film enthusiasts, Google Search gives an easy way to discover everything that they want to about their favorite movies, stars and more.

Talking about this latest move, Sapna Chadha, Google Marketing Head said, “In India, Google has been known for building products and with this latest development we wanted to make sure that millions of Indian cinema fan pick up their phone to ask Google question about Indian cinema.”

To showcase these search experiences Google released a video tribute on Indian cinemas.

Other than highlighting the search engine of millions of people in India, Google India also highlighted the way search has evolved over the years. Google Search will now showcase answers and carousels powered by the Knowledge Graph, movie showtime, and featured snippets. So for questions like What is the next project that Shahrukh Khan is working on? Or What are the showtime for Udta Punjab? Or Show me latest songs of Arijit Singh? For all these types of question, Google will now show rich and contextual answers.

Satyajeet Salgar, Product Manager, Search believes that with Cinema fans will enjoy the latest move and explore the wonderful world offered by Google. In the coming times, it will add even richer, immersive features for Google search.

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