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Ola S1 and S1 Pro with max 121 km range launched in India

Ola Electric has finally launched its Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro electric scooters in India. Available in a wide range of attractive shades, the Ola S1 has a range of 121 kilometers while the S1 Pro stretches that to 181 kilometers, the latter being among the highest in any production electric two-wheelers in the country. The company further stated the scooters can have 75 kilometers worth of charge in just 15 mins via its hyper-charger network coming up shortly. The Ola S1 is priced at Rs. 99,999 while the Ola Si Pro comes for Rs. 1,29,000.

Coming to the other tech specifications, each of the Ola electric scooters comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and shatter-proof display. On the other side of it lies an octa-core processor that works in tandem with 3 GB RAM. The scooter comes with several advanced safety features such as geofencing as well as an anti-theft alert. Then there are four mood settings for the sound along with integrated speakers as well.

A unique feature of the Ola scooter is its reverse mode, which is a first in the segment and can allow the scooter to be driven back when the situation so arises. Connectivity features the Ola scooters come with include GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. There is a cruise control feature too, as is a special hill hold assist and onboard navigation feature which is available on the S1 Pro version.

Another nice feature of the scooter is that there aren’t any keys as such to start or operate the scooters. Rather, there is a proximity sensor in place that can sense when you are near it and will unlock the scooter automatically. Move away and the scooter will again lock itself down. Other ways to lock or unlock the scooter are via the display onboard or via the associated mobile app the scooters come with.

Coming to the power source, the Ola S1 comes with a 2.98 kWh battery while the S1 Pro features a larger 3.97 kWh battery. The latter again is the largest to be found on any electric two-wheeler currently in production in the country. The batteries are mated to a ‘Hyperdrive motor’, which Ola said provides for a peak power rating of 8.5kW.

All of this allows the S1 to have a top speed of 90 Km/hr while the Ola S1 Pro can go all the way to a 115 Km/hr top speed. Accelerating times are commendable too, capable as it is of hitting the 40 km/hr mark from zero in just 3.6 secs with the Ola S1 and a slightly better 3 sec with the S1 Pro.

The scooters, meanwhile, have front and rear disk brakes for proper stopping power. The scooters run on extra-wide 110/70-R12 MRF tires and feature a mono-shock absorber at the front. Ola said they have designed a whole new OS for its electric scooters and have named it the Ola MoveOS. The accompanying mobile app is feature-rich too and offers battery info or other health alerts. Plus, users can also book an appointment via the app itself for in-home service.

Ola also stated they will be offering portable 750W chargers while an extensive Hypercharger network is also being put in place to take care of range worries. The hyper-charger network will be able to provide 75 km worth of charge in just 15 mins. Deliveries are slated to begin in October this year.