Ola Cabs will invest $20 million to boost customer privacy Ola Cabs will invest $20 million to boost customer privacy

Ola to invest $20 million on safety initiatives to boost customer privacy

Taxi service provider Ola has taken steps to mask the customer’s mobile number. Drivers who will be calling from their Ola devices will not be able to view the consumer’s number. They will be routed automatically through the encrypted mobile number. Thus, consumer mobile numbers will not be revealed to the drivers.

Ola has taken steps to maintain the privacy of their customers. Ola has incorporated a cloud telephony solution that encrypts the consumer’s number when he or she books a cab. It is a cloud telephony solution, which sends an encrypted number to the driver whenever a customer books a cab.

Ola in a press release said that the driver will not be able to see the consumer’s cell number and instead will be automatically routed through an encrypted number.

The process of encrypting consumer cell numbers will be effective in all locations where Ola operates its taxi services for all drivers and partners. The arrangement will also enable Ola to trace calls made by drivers and partners from archived recordings at all times.

Drivers and partners will not be burdened by any extra costs because of the new process. The calls to the customers will be routed to the device. Ola said that this is for the first time that such a process has been effected which will ensure complete privacy of the customer’s cell number.

Ola had previously earmarked $20 million for safety initiatives in the current year. The latest number masking process Is one such step that will ensure consumer safety and also preempt any untoward incident.

The latest feature will also benefit drivers who can save their calling costs. Ola at the same time will be able to will be able to monitor closely drivers conversations and behavior, resulting in a better experience for users.