Ola Cabs hacked, credit card details reportedly accessed

Ola Cabs hacked

A unknown hacker group by the name ‘Unknown’ has reportedly hacked the app based taxi hailing service ‘Ola Cabs’.

After hacking the application, the hacker group posted a message of Reddit claiming that they have accessed Ola’s data base which includes, credit card transaction history, user behavior, unused vouchers etc. The news of hacking was published in Indian Express on June 9, 2015.

In the screenshots posted in Reddit, the hackers posted snapshots of credit card info and other details. They also claimed that application design of ‘Ola’ is very poor and their development server is weakly configured.

The weakly configured server has reportedly helped the hackers to access data without any hassles.

On the other hand, Ola has denied the claims made by ‘Team Unknown’.

The group added that some of the vouchers assessed were not even out, and they assured that they will not misuse it any manner. They mentioned that they had informed Ola about the breach, but the company is yet to respond.

As per the hackers, the hacking process was a bit tricky, and it involved many steps to get into the data base. The hackers stated that they feel like winning a lottery after getting into the database. They also criticized the security team of Ola for giving such weak protection.

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