Home News Oklahoma Casino at River Spirit is closed indefinitely due to flooding

Oklahoma Casino at River Spirit is closed indefinitely due to flooding

River Spirit Casino of Oklahoma, Damaged By Flood Waters of Arkansas River

If you are located in the south around Oklahoma…let’s hope you can handle water. Recently surrounding states such as Mississippi, Arkansas along with Oklahoma have been drastically impacted by the recent flooding waters. Locals have been left speechless watching the levels of various rivers and lakes slowly take over conjoining areas. Places of businesses and many homes have become victim to the storms and tornadoes that seem to be wreaking havoc in the south. A major business being affected by such turmoil is the River Spirit Casino.

Located in Tulsa-Oklahoma, the company is found directly next to the Arkansas River. It is currently closed due to the excessive rains and floods. Normally a beautiful sight to behold, it’s now turned into a wicked extension of the river it

was built beside. No one predicted that such events would be an issue. The worst part about it is that the water levels are still rising.

The Cause and Effects

As usual, when it rains, any body of water is going to absorb said amounts no matter how long the precipitation lasts. From the end of April into June, there have been many tornadoes and extensive rainfall that have caused these current issues. The flooding is now having the worst effect within the Mississippi River. It’s is one of the main contributors to these high water levels across the connecting states because so many rivers feed on it. Within this situation of flooding, the Mississippi River is currently experiencing its own highest water levels in recorded history. Being as grand and expansive as it is, any rivers or lakes that are associated with the Mississippi, south wise, are all also experiencing very high and dangerous levels of flooding. One of those main rivers being the Arkansas River.

Even though the River Spirit Casino is in Oklahoma, the Arkansas River has been the downfall of it. As a whole, the Arkansas River is a sight to behold during these events too. The banks of it too are coming out to swallow surrounding areas. It is also having the same effect on other rivers as the Mississippi is having on it. This is why the River Spirit Casino is having so many issues.

Causing just as much damage and turmoil as the Mississippi, the Arkansas River is not here to play either. It’s sad to say that not much can be done at this point. There is no way to fight raging rivers when it just continues to pour down from the skies. The currents of both mentioned rivers have made it dangerous for anyone to assess and access any issues in areas where flooding is. Many people and animals to have been forced to evacuate their homes and places of business until the water is done having its fun.

Extreme flooding has always been bad devastation given the damage it leaves behind. Erosion and inaccessibility are only two areas of inconvenience. As of now the casino River Spirit has endured extensive damage along with many other residents communities in between. Given the fact that the casino has many floors, the damage has not yet passed the first. The bad thing about it is that the water levels are steadily rising due to continuous inclement weather. That means the state of the casino can change and become worse. The parking levels along with much of the bottom level spas of the facility have been said to have a significant estimated amount of damage. The casino itself is located a few floors above ground zero and does not appear to have any outwardly visual damage.

What’s Next?

So what does that mean for River Spirit casino? It means that the company has been forced to shut down for the remainder of June. Many predict the casino will be down for much longer. They have to wait until the water starts to recede and it’s safe enough to assess the actual damage to know for sure. Thousands of dollars are said to be lost during this time that the company is shut down. Given the hundreds of people that visit the casino daily, the amount lost in revenue is immense. Even though those numbers seem like a huge loss, that does not include the amount that will surely need to be spent in repairing damages.

News for Casino Patrons

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The state of the River Spirit Casino is literally under water for now. Luckily just because they are out of commission doesn’t mean the gaming has to stop. Until the river levels go down this particular casino is at a dead stop. All we can do is wait and find other means of gambling until the River Spirit Casino welcomes everyone back with open arms.

View a video below of the River Spirit Casino during the massive flood.

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