A recent study suggests that the monsoon in India will be weaker when compared to other years.

And this is mainly due to the warming of ocean phenomenon that is enhanced by global warming and ‘El Nino’.

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology scientists conducted the study.

The rains in Central India have drastically reduced over the past 100 years, according to the study.

The news has reportedly covered the bright aspirations of farmers with darkness, and they are literally awaiting the hardships which may happen due to a possible drought.

As per experts, all the oceans in the planet are getting warm, but the rate of warming in Indian ocean is more when compared to others, and this is mainly due to the negative impacts of Global Warming which is mainly centered in the subcontinent.

An increase in the intensity of ‘El Nino’ phenomenon is also weakening the wind over the ocean, and this also plays a crucial role in decreasing the rate of rain in the country.

IITM director Dr M Rajeevan told that it is nothing but the warming of Indian ocean which is resulting in less rain in the Central part of India.

The less rate of rain in the country is expected to create huge problems in India, as more than one-third of the people are depending upon farming for their living. The unseasonal showers in February and March have already diminished their hopes this year, and with things are going out of the track with these new findings.