Nvidia’s Supercharged 40 Series: Leaked Specs Hint at CES Unveiling of RTX 4070 Super, 4080 Super, and More

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CES 2024 is just around the corner, and rumors are swirling around a potential bombshell from Nvidia – the RTX 40 Super series. While the current 40 series launched just months ago, whispers of a “Super” refresh have piqued the interest of gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. Today, we delve into the leaked specs, potential launch date, and what this could mean for the future of high-performance GPUs.

Key Highlights:

  • Three new GPUs: RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and RTX 4080 Super expected.
  • Significant spec bumps: Increased CUDA cores, faster memory, and possible GDDR7 debut.
  • Performance boost: Leaked benchmarks suggest notable performance improvements over their non-Super counterparts.
  • Unveiling at CES 2024: Nvidia may formally announce the Super series on January 8th.
  • Pricing and availability remain a mystery: Expect premium pricing, with stock potentially limited at launch.

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Supercharged Specs Under the Hood

Leaked details hint at three new Super offerings: the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and RTX 4080 Super. The 4070 Super and 4080 Super are rumored to boast significant CUDA core increases, with 7,168 and 10,240 cores respectively, compared to their non-Super counterparts. Additionally, faster 24 GT/s GDDR6X memory could be on the cards, marking a potential step towards the upcoming GDDR7 technology.

The 4070 Ti Super takes things a step further, allegedly sporting 8,448 CUDA cores and a generous 16GB of GDDR6X memory. This, coupled with a wider 256-bit bus, suggests a substantial performance leap over the standard 4070 Ti.

Benchmarks Whisper of Performance Gains

Early benchmark leaks, though unverified, paint a promising picture. The 4070 Super and 4080 Super could reportedly outperform their non-Super counterparts by up to 15% and 20% respectively, particularly in demanding 4K gaming scenarios. The 4070 Ti Super, with its hefty memory and core count, might even challenge the current performance king, the RTX 4080.

CES: The Stage is Set for a Super Reveal?

Nvidia has remained tight-lipped about the Super series, but all signs point towards a CES 2024 unveiling. January 8th, during Nvidia’s official CES presentation, seems like the most likely date for the official announcement.

Pricing and availability, however, remain shrouded in mystery. Expect premium price tags for the Super GPUs, and early stock shortages are a distinct possibility.

The Future of High-Performance Gaming

The potential arrival of the RTX 40 Super series signifies Nvidia’s relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of GPU performance. While existing 40 series owners might feel a tinge of buyer’s remorse, the Super lineup caters to those seeking the absolute cutting edge in graphical prowess. It also hints at the ever-evolving landscape of high-performance gaming, where even the best of today can be surpassed tomorrow.


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