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Noise Flair Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Review

When it comes to audio products on a budget, there are a few new start-ups in the Indian market that have made a mark. One such brand making some serious strides is Noise. They have expanded their portfolio from audio products to now wearables including smartwatches.

We recently got the chance to review their newest neckband style wireless earphones that pack some industry first and segment first features. The wireless neckband earphone in question are the Noise Flair earphones. They come in at a price tag of INR 1,799 and pack a punch.

We have been using the Noise Flair for a little more than a week now and if you’re in the market for a pair of new neckbands, you should checkout our full review.

Box Contents

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Here’s a complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Noise Flair Bluetooth earphones
  • Ear tips
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Documentation

So, let’s start with design!

At first glance the Nosie Flair earphones might look generic as they follow the standard neckband design language. Where it distinguishes itself from the rest is the design along with the fit and finish. The Flair’s come in four color choices and have a two-tone finish.

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The neckband is soft and doesn’t cause irritation. The buds themselves are made partly with plastic and metal. Each earbud houses a 10mm driver unit which is capable of pumping out some quality audio. They have a magnetic lock, like on the newer neckband style earphones. Instead of a controller, you get a touch sensitive button on the left-side of the neckband stem.

This button controls all the functions from play/pause, to picking up or rejecting calls and skipping tracks. The neckband also houses two microphones that support ENC for better audio experience.

How do they sound?

Before getting into this, let us discuss the pairing experience. The Noise Flair’s come with support for fast pairing, and connect instantly when the buds are pulled apart. They also have multi-pairing support, meaning you can connect them to two devices and switch back between the two with ease.

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Moving to the sound quality and performance, they are among the best neckband style Bluetooth earphones out there. Sound quality is quite good and the vocals are clear than ever. Sound isolation with the supplied ear-tips is decent and you can also use the wings for a better and secure fit. The overall sound signature is balanced with a slight inclination on the mids giving us clear vocals. The bass is not that overpowering and goes well with the highs and lows.

All the heavy lifting is done via a Qualcomm chip which is perhaps the very first in this price segment. The Flair’s come with Bluetooth 5.0 support and have basic AAC as well as SBC codec option. Despite sporting a Qualcomm chip, they do not have support for AptX or other related codecs which is understandable given the price.

One interesting feature is the addition of a small vibration motor inside the neckband which kicks in if you’re getting an incoming call. The vibration is not strong but is noticeable enough that you won’t miss your call. Since these have Environmental Noise Isolation (ENC) via the two microphones, call quality and audio in general is very smooth.

How is the battery?

Noise hasn’t provided a battery size, but what they have put out is a usage number. The brand claims that these earphones can last for up to 35 hours and this number is quite believable. During our testing period, we got close to 32 hours of usage with varying volume levels.

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The earphones also come with a Type-C port with fast charging capability. It takes just 40 minutes to top up these earphones and while an 8-minute charge can get you 8 hours of usage.

Verdict – Should you buy it?

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Given the sea of neckband style earphones in under INR 2,000 in the Indian market currently. The Noise Flair definitely make a mark for themselves. They provide a decent audio experience with some nifty features like touch controls, dual-pairing and a vibration motor.

Where they lack is in the number of bass they can churn out and the non-availability of volume controls. That being said, they are a good pair of wireless earphones for INR 1,799. So, if you’re in the market, looking to buy neckband style earphones these should be on your list.