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NodeJS Development: Outsource vs In-house

It took less than a decade for NodeJS development to not only start being used on a regular basis but also to gain the title of one of the best systems for product development. At the same time, it remains a young and promising technology and many customers want specialists to work with it. In this article, we will take a closer look at outsource node js development and explain the best way to find specialists to work with it.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a software platform for running JavaScript on the server-side. The technology runs on the V8 virtual machine, which was created by Google for its Chrome browser. The virtual machine has high performance when executing JavaScript. Ryan Dahl developed NodeJS in 2009. He added additional libraries and his code to V8 so that JavaScript could handle the file system, network requests, etc. outside the browser.

NodeJS is already used in development by major companies like Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo, Uber, and others. And every year their number is growing. So why has NodeJS development become so popular and why is it so loved?

One of the main advantages is that you can use JS on the client-side of the application as well as on the server-side. That is, Front-end and Back-end are written in the same language and the programmer doesn’t have to change the programming context during development, which means it’s easier to learn and work with.

Second, despite the single-threaded nature, the speed of NodeJS development is very high due to asynchronous input/output operations and it does not block applications. You can read files, send emails, and do other things at the same time. And it saves you the time of waiting for the previous task to finish.

The third, centralized NPM (Node Package Manager) is the manager of the ready modules. When working on a project, it helps to avoid writing the same components, which saves time on developing ready-made applications.

Of course, we can continue to enumerate the advantages, but the main thing – the NodeJS platform is developing rapidly and meets all the modern standards of the IT industry. The technology is firmly entrenched in the market and will be in demand in development for a long time to come.

However, the NodeJS development technology is only as good as the specialists who use it. Without good NodeJS specialists, nothing will work. But where to find them? There are two ways out of this situation: in-house NodeJS development and NodeJS outsourcing. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

Inhouse NodeJS development vs. outsourcing

Ask an HR person you know, and he’ll likely tell you that finding senior node js developers, and in web development, in particular, is no easy task. NodeJS development professionals with a lot of experience either already work full-time or cost a lot of money.

Obviously, hiring a ready-made team completely eliminates this problem, and you won’t have to deal with staffing issues. All that’s left is the question of choosing the team itself.

Yes, you got that right. In this article, we’re going to take the outsourcing and outstaffing side. There are a number of reasons for this:

Advantages of NodeJS development outsourcing

– Quality of services

The quality of outsourcing can be higher because you get access to a larger talent pool. Companies choose IT outsourcing when the company lacks a skilled workforce or the skills of IT employees. In other cases, secondary or non-strategic IT tasks are outsourced because they can be done at a lower cost.

– Communication

An in-house vendor should take responsibility for determining how documentation should be performed and plan to ensure its quality. Outsourcing can solve communication problems that involve not only language but also culture.

– Ability to hire and retain NodeJS development employees

New areas of IT, such as business intelligence and big data, are causing a shortage of IT talent. If companies want to compete for these talents, they must be perceived as good places to work by those they are trying to attract. Retaining employees can be just as challenging, especially if they have skills that are in high demand.

– Maneuverability

Outsourcing can help corporate agility in this area. It’s useful when your IT department doesn’t have the in-house talent or time to complete an important project the company needs.

– Unexpected issues

NodeJS development outsourcing can provide your business with a 24/7 global presence and support staff, streamlining processes in the event of natural disasters, political events, or other disruptions at your company.

While outsourced management may seem more complex, it can be less alien than it seems. Online NodeJS development collaboration tools give you the communication capabilities you need to keep track of ongoing projects. If you’re convinced that outsourcing is for you, we recommend you turn to RexSoft. This firm has been in the market for over 8 years and has many successful projects. Go to their website to learn more.

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