No Man’s Sky release date in India pushed to August 13

The No Man’s Sky has finally released the world over after many false calls. First, a street date break in UAE which saw the game being leaked a week before release and it spawned early releases in the US and the UK. However, there are countries the game has still not been released and India figures on the list. The most liked game was to be released on August 10, but the release date has been pushed to August 13th. No reasons were forthcoming for the delay. Sites such as Amazon are now listing the game as available from August 13th.

No reasons were given for this sudden change of the release date in India. A terse communiqué from Sony India informed its dealers that the release date for the game had been pushed to August 13 in place of the earlier declared date of August 10th.

It is a weird situation for a variety of reasons. It is not usual that Sony is not publishing in the country of release well ahead of time. In the past, there has been no delay since the days of Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne. Even the extreme delay in launching Driveclub and LittleBigPlanet 3 did not encounter such a situation where the console maker had to extend the launch date. The company was facing some operational issue with the then distributor Milestone Interactive.

In recent times the company has not flat out brought titles in at launch like Tearaway, Ratchet & Clank, and Gravity Rush Remastered to name a few. Fans are praying that this is a temporary hitch since a host of hi profile games such as GT Sport and The Last Guardian are in the pipeline for release shortly, and a delay will be tragic.

Whatever the reason for the delay, the game must be ideally available digitally through the PlayStation Store and must be ready to be downloaded now. The PC version must be unlocked by August 12. Some experts are of the opinion that downloads of digital version will not seem affected, but the physical copies of the game on PS4 will not be available until August 13.

No Man’s Sky has massive universal appeal considering the fans spread across the globe. The hype and hoopla about the game were sky high, but the fans were a bit disappointed when the game was launched worldwide. It seems the release in India has once again run into rough weather.

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