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Nissan Motor launches low cost Datsun G0+ MUV

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has once again marked its presence in the automobile world with the launch of all its new low cost Datsun G0+. The hatchback car is expected to be liked by the common man of India as it is boasted as one of the worlds’ cheapest 7 seater cars. But still there is a dilemma whether the car would be affected by the failure of its prior version Datsun Go, or will it really set new records in India. No doubt the cost price will definitely attract the customers, but the limited features might prove to be a setback for the company.

Affordable Price Tag

The new Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is endowed with a 1.2 ltr petrol engine which can offer a maximum mileage of 20.6 kmpl. The luggage space of the model is 347 ltrs. The highest model of the MPV is merely 4.61 lacks. Since the car is made available with limited features hence it could be easily affordable by the common mass in India, Indonesia, South Africa and Russia as initially it is made available in these countries only.

Limited Features

The cost price of Datsun G0+ is quite low but It is definitely has made compromise with some of clear that it definitely has made some compromise with its features as compared to other cars in the same range. Absence of airbags, lid in the glove box and ABS are the major drawbacks of the coupé. On the other hand there is no music system present and even the OVRMs cannot be altered from the inside. Also the third row of the seat turns out to be of no use, but yes one can fold it and can enjoy a 237 ltrs of boot space.

As a whole we can conclude that the car is most effective for those who want to commute within city without paying extra penny.