Nintendo Reportedly Testing Switch 2 Backwards Compatibility: Joy-Con Drift Woes Persist

The rumor mill surrounding the next Nintendo console, the Switch 2, is churning once again. A new report from Bloomberg claims that Nintendo is internally testing prototypes of the Switch 2, with a strong emphasis on backwards compatibility with existing Switch games. However, the report also throws a wrench into the hype by suggesting that the dreaded Joy-Con drift issue might still be plaguing the new hardware.

Key Highlights:

  • Nintendo is internally testing the Switch 2 console, according to a new report.
  • Backwards compatibility with existing Switch games is a major focus of the testing.
  • The report also claims that Joy-Con drift issues are still present in the Switch 2 prototypes.
  • Nintendo has not officially confirmed the existence of the Switch 2 or its features.

Nintendo Reportedly Testing Switch 2 Backwards Compatibility: Joy-Con Drift Woes Persist

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Nintendo’s testing process for the Switch 2 is currently focused on ensuring that the new console can play games designed for the original Switch without any problems. This is a crucial aspect for Nintendo, as the Switch has amassed a vast library of popular titles, and maintaining compatibility would be essential for a smooth transition to the next generation.

The report further claims that the Switch 2 prototypes feature an upgraded Nvidia chip, which should provide improved performance and graphics capabilities compared to the original Switch. However, the sources also mentioned that the Joy-Con controllers in the prototypes are still susceptible to the infamous drift issue, where the analog sticks register inputs even when they are not being touched. This has been a major source of frustration for Switch owners, and it remains to be seen if Nintendo will be able to finally address this problem with the Switch 2.

It is important to note that Nintendo has not officially confirmed the existence of the Switch 2, and the information in this report should be treated as speculation. However, given Bloomberg’s track record for accurate reporting on the gaming industry, this latest claim adds fuel to the fire surrounding the potential successor to the highly successful Switch console.

Industry Reaction and Analyst Predictions

The news of Nintendo testing the Switch 2 has generated mixed reactions within the gaming industry. Some analysts believe that backwards compatibility is a smart move that will entice existing Switch owners to upgrade, while others worry that it could hinder innovation and prevent the Switch 2 from truly standing out as a new generation console.

The potential presence of Joy-Con drift in the Switch 2 prototypes is also a cause for concern. If Nintendo is unable to fix this issue, it could damage the console’s reputation and lead to customer backlash.

Looking Ahead

While the existence of the Switch 2 remains unconfirmed, this latest report suggests that Nintendo is indeed working on a new console. The focus on backwards compatibility and the use of an upgraded Nvidia chip are promising signs, but the potential for continued Joy-Con drift is a worrying factor. Only time will tell what Nintendo has in store for the future of its Switch platform.


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