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Nine ways to boost engagement and get real Instagram followers in no time


If you are a marketer then you have noticed a decrease in post likes and comments. Thanks to a new algorithm on Instagram. After the arrival of the new Instagram algorithm, every account (all sizes) are getting fewer likes, comments, and new followers as they used to. It was bad news for the businesses or brands but there are some tactics that you can use to drive up your post likes and comments, attract new followers, and keep them interested in your content. In this post, you can discover ways to boost engagement and get real Instagram followers in no time.

  • Personalization: If you want to get more engagement then the most effective way to post personalized content on your Instagram account.
  • Collaboration: On social media networks, collaboration with your peer tend to perform well especially on Instagram. So consider collaborating with other people and brands in your niche to promote your content or product on other accounts with a huge following count.
  • Timing: In order to cover a larger ratio of active users, publish your post at the best time. You will earn more engagement when you publish your content from 3 PM to 5 Pm. But it can be different for every account. You can track the best time to post with the help of Instagram Insights, test out different times to post and monitor all the data using analytical tools. Research suggests that on mid-week and weekends, there is more post engagement than other days. So schedule your posts on Wednesday and Sundays.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags give you a lot of benefits from making your content discoverable to increasing impressions on your posts. So use the proper and right hashtags with your posts. For instance, if you are going to post something on Wednesday, use the hashtags that are trending on that specific day such as #Wednesdaywisdom. Similarly, if you are posting on Thursday, use hashtag #tbt or #throwbackThursday.
  • Call-To-Actions: CTA aka Call-To-Actions has a lot of importance when it comes to increasing Instagram engagement. Use them in the description of your posts appropriately. When you use CTA with your posts, you can receive a particular response from your audience.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): it is the simple yet creative trick to encourage your followers and target audience to interact with your account by submitting their own content to get featured on your Instagram profile.
  • Authenticity: Share the less formal posts rather than sharing only business-related content on your Instagram account. For instance, if you have posted a video with formal aspects, also share the BTS (behind the scene) shots of that videos with your audience.
  • Create engaging stories: In order to boost engagement and get real Instagram followers, create engaging and unique stories that keep your followers interested. Use a mix of photos and videos for your stories and include at least 10 hashtags with your stories. You can also use hashtags sticker with the Instagram stories.