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Nine reasons why Businesses should absolutely switch to Fiber Internet

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Do you remember the dial-up internet? Nobody uses that anymore. When broadband first came to the market, it obliterated all competition. The only reason people continued to use the dial-up connection as if they didn’t have the option to switch. New technologies, especially those that require a whole different infrastructure, take time to set up.

Anyways, you wouldn’t be caught dead with a dial-up then and the same applies today to all broadband connections that aren’t fiber.

For businesses, however, it is best that they switch to fiber, especially those whose work is time-sensitive. If you’re dealing with stocks or large amounts of data on a daily basis, it’s a must-have. Even if you don’t, the productivity boost you get makes it worth it. Still not convinced? Here are nine reasons we’re sure will make you change your mind:

What is Fiber Internet?

Before we move forward, this is important to understand. Fiber internet falls under the category of broadband connections with DSL, cable and satellite internet connections, but it far outshines the rest by offering the fastest and the most stable internet connection out there. What sets it apart it the technology it uses? While the other connections use the good old copper wires, fiber internet makes use of fine glass or plastic fibers, one-tenth the thickness of an average human’s hair. It transfers data and information by sending coded beams of light, making it almost as fast as light.


So, how fast is lightning fast?

Fiber leaves copper way behind in the race for the fastest. You can get internet speeds starting from 5 Mbps to a whopping 100 Gbps. Do you want to know something even better? Fiber connection offers symmetrical upload and download speeds! Uploading big files will take hardly any time now. If your team works on clouds, you already know the struggle.


Simply put, if you have more applications and devices, you will require a higher bandwidth. While fiber doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth, compared to its copper counterparts, it offers significantly more. If your company transfers tons of data daily and usually exceeds your monthly bandwidth allotment, fiber internet is the solution. Video conferencing online, streaming HD content, and accessing cloud applications is something common in all firms today, in which case you need great bandwidth.

Signal Strength

Signals for traditional broadband connections weaken the further away you move from the switch. This is not the case for fiber-optic connection. While it does weaken the further you move away, it doesn’t as drastically as internet over copper wires.

Businesses covering a large area normally find that internet connectivity and speed is compromised the further away from one move from the internet connection. It really impacts productivity among employees and if God forbid the tech team occupies the furthest corners, what will you do? Move the entire office up or down? Just get a fiber internet connection and management would become way easier.

Resistance to Interference

Since copper is a metal, its signals are vulnerable to inference from the electromagnetic field. If it is close to heavy machinery, signals may go haywire and disappear, which is not good for businesses. This is not the case with fiber internet. Escaping wires, machinery, and other electronic paraphernalia are not possible and hence there are no chances of losing internet signals. Hence, your company should switch to fiber internet.


Cost-effective? You’re sure thinking about how that’s possible. For starters, it’s more expensive than all other broadband connections. However, increased productivity makes this connection a cost-effective one. In the long-run, you’ll only be saving money.


Fiber-optic wiring is more durable no matter the weather. Where copper connections can get damaged, fiber optic cables can weather it all with ease. There’s little that will damage them except that they are cut deliberately. For businesses located in a district with extreme weather conditions, fiber connection is truly a life-saver.


If you expect to grow soon, investing in traditional broadband may not pay off. The great thing about fiber internet is that it is easily scalable and can be upgraded accordingly. As we mentioned earlier, its greater bandwidth ensures your existing speed isn’t compromised, but if you still need more you can easily call your internet service provider. You can get from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps speed if you call Spectrum internet customer services, they are known for offering quick scalability options.

It’s the greener option

Climate change and pollution should be everybody’s concern and if you’re a business looking to go green, you should switch to fiber-optic internet. It not only reduces waste, but it also uses very little energy, which means decreased greenhouse gas emissions.


Cable tapping is a simple process and if you have a traditional broadband connection, your data is at risk. You’d be better off with a fiber-optic connection, if anyone attempts to intercept, simple tapping techniques won’t work and the second they try to cut the fibers, the signals will disappear keeping your data safe.

We don’t need to tell you how serious a data breach can be for your company. Along with losing clients’ trust, you can face financial penalties. Taking this high a risk is just not worth it and we’d highly recommend switching to fiber optics.

Final word

Fiber-optic internet is the future, there are no two ways about it. Chances are, your competitors are about to upgrade to fiber or they already have and you should too if you want to stay ahead of the game. The only reason it may be acceptable for you to delay switching to fiber internet connection is limited resources, as installation and monthly fees are quite high, or if it isn’t available in your locality. Other than that, there is no viable excuse. Do keep in mind the security issue. So, what are you waiting for?

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