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Nine reasons for getting a Dome Security Camera

Are you someone who is looking for home surveillance tech? Are you confused between the various options? Then you must’ve heard of dome security cameras and their other counterparts.

But are these dome-shaped cameras really as good as the market claims?

Well, they certainly have perks, which makes them stand out from other products.

Dome security cameras enable you to ensure top-notch surveillance for your home without having to spend too much. Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider joining the fan club.

#1. They’re Visible, Yet Discrete

When you install dome cameras, you’re telling people to watch out. Although not immediately visible, they do have a tint that’s identifiable, even in the dark, the dome cameras are tinted. Even the white domes are tinted with a darker color.

This means any criminal looking for an opportunity will know cameras are installed. Being aware of the presence of cameras will make miscreants think twice before trying to do anything on your property.

However, the cameras are still conspicuous and low profile, making them an excellent choice for getting discrete footage. So if you want to ensure safety in a public place like a church or mall, without alerting people instantly, dome cameras are your savior.

#2. Nobody Can Tell the Camera Direction

The best part about the dome camera is that people can’t tell which direction it’s recording. If you’ve seen any action movie, criminals usually sneak when the camera is facing in another direction.

Standard CCTV cameras have a blind spot because they swivel around. However, a dome camera doesn’t let people see which direction it’s turning. So this will make it a lot more difficult for someone to break in.

This is why dome cameras are so popular in shops.

#3. You’ll Get a Wider View

The dome camera is designed in such a way that it can cover a wide range of angles. Thus, compared to your average security camera, a dome camera lets you see a bigger field.

This is pretty useful if you want to keep an eye out on your building or office entrance. You’ll be able to get a picture of a large area, from just one camera.

#4. Difficult to Vandalize

So what happens if someone tries to tamper with the camera system? This isn’t something unimaginable for persistent criminals, so your worries are justified.

However, with a dome camera, you can rest at ease. It is tamper-proof and has lots of advanced functions. It will detect any intruders immediately, once they cross a certain line.

The camera lens is specially protected as it’s located inside a dome, and the whole thing is impact-proof. No amount of hitting will break your camera. So, make sure you get the vandal-proof dome camera for extra safety.

#5. Can be used both Indoors and Outdoors

Dome cameras function efficiently both indoors and outdoors. Their exterior is made of polycarbonate, which is ideal for adverse weather conditions. So no matter if it’s windy, raining, or snowing – your camera will be in full function.

What’s more, the dome camera is shaped in such a way that it makes it really difficult to manually take off. It’s also sturdy- so you can be sure that criminals won’t be able to break them off the walls that easily.

Dome cameras are also ideal for the indoors. In scenarios where you want to capture the intruder’s face, a dome camera is a good option.

#6. You’ll Get Night Vision Too

For most homeowners, getting footage at night is a cause of concern. That’s when most burglars roam free, so your cameras better be working. Well, you don’t have to worry about this with dome security cameras.

Dome cameras also let you view videos and images, even when there’s poor or no light. They have LED lights installed that ensure quality night vision.

In fact, with 24pcs of infrared LEDs, the Reolink RLC-422 IP camera can actually let you view up to 100 feet of an area in complete darkness!

#7. It’s Affordable and Easy to Maintain

You’d think such a fantastic invention would be expensive, right? Well, they’re actually quite affordable. What’s more, the camera is very durable and lasts for many years. So it’s undoubtedly a valuable investment.

Installing the cameras is relatively simple. You can also clean it easy to get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. This also helps the camera to last longer.

#8. Visually Appealing

Apart from all its functions, everyone using it will also tell you that a dome camera is quite nice to look at. What I mean is, they’re much more visually appealing than your average camera.

They’re designed with a minimal and simple approach, so it doesn’t look like a big ugly box that doesn’t fit in with your house decor. The white domes are a big hit with homeowners because they blend in well with ceilings and walls.

#9. Diverse Range of Uses

With dome cameras, you’d get the option to choose from a variety of styles.  So you can buy according to your needs. For example, you can get infrared dome cameras that detect body heat.

This is especially useful for security notifications. There are other added security features you can get as well, such as pan-tilt-zoom and motion sensing.

Based on your purpose of use, you can also fit them with exceptionally high resolutions of 20 MP or 50 MP. You can even get mounting accessories to make the camera more flexible.

Final Thoughts

The dome security cameras have a myriad of features and can very easily be catered to your needs. Be it your office or garage of the home, these cameras will definitely make your life easier.

Of course, these security cameras cannot guarantee that your house will never be broken into. However, they certainly make keeping an eye on your house a lot more efficient.

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