Home News NFC enabled ASUS M70AD desktop forays Indian shores: Reports

NFC enabled ASUS M70AD desktop forays Indian shores: Reports

NFC, abbreviated form of Near Field Communications is a technology that powers devices to establish radio communication among them with the mere tapping, although the technology is not much employed in India, the technology companies are not shying from integrating as a differentiating feature in their upcoming models.

The latest to join the suit is ASUS; the Taiwanese IT multinational is making an entry again in the beleaguered desktop market marred with slumping sales. In an unprecedented move, we have learned, ASUS will equip its M70AD desktop with NFC technology.


The machine will run Windows 8 64bit and come loaded with Asus applications including Asus Launcher, Asus Web Storage (32GB for 3 years), Music Maker Silver, Power Director, Photo Director etc.

The list does not end here. You also get trial versions of office and antivirus suites. Apart from the above, the desktop will include hot-swappable Universal Storage Module (USM) drive bay that makes it easy to use high-capacity external SATA hard drives. This article will not be complete if we fail to mention about NFC exclusive software. The ASUS-exclusive NFC Express software as the program is named, automatically backs up photos and videos in Android mobile devices on the desktop.

Highlights in a nutshell,Windows 8.1

  • The latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors for productive multitasking and energy efficiency.
  • NVIDIA discrete graphics for the most demanding tasks.
  • One-tap device pairing with NFC Express: the ability to log into Windows, share content, and launch applications with a simple tap of their mobile device.
  • ASUS Sonic Master audio technology and intuitive AudioWizard interface for enhanced sound quality.
  • Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) as emergency power backup for PC.
  • Built-in Wireless Charger for wireless recharging of smartphones and tablet.