New theory suggests Matter may pass right through Black Holes

A new research paper has surfaced speculating a possibility that matter may survive a fall into the deep center of a black hole. The theory has been prepared by astrophysicists from University of Lisbon and University of Valencia located in Spain and Portugal respectively. According to the new hypothesis, there may be a minuscule wormhole at the deepest point inside a black hole. This wormhole is thought to be the portal through which matter can escape from the black hole without being reduced into a singularity.

What are Black Holes?

Black holes have fascinated human beings right from its discovery. It is one of the most researched celestial body and also the most mysterious one. Black holes have unnaturally strong gravitational force from which even light can escape. Even space and time are baffled by the presence of a black hole.

Every black hole has an event horizon which is an invisible boundary surrounding it. If matter or even electromagnetic radius crosses the line and goes towards the black hole, it will inevitably be sucked in. The body will be stretched into a string as it moves into a black hole. The string is presumed to become thinner and thinner as it approaches the center of the back hole.

The latest theory speculates that a spherical subatomic wormhole resides at the deepest point of a black hole. Researchers postulate that the string of matter will eventually become thin enough to pass through the wormhole which has a dimension lesser than that of an atomic nucleus. The wormhole is thought to be made up of accumulating electrical charges.

What are Wormholes?

Wormhole, which is also termed as the Einstein-Rosen bridge is a theoretical path which can be used for transportation between two different space and time. The bridge can hypothetically connect astronomically long distances into just a few centimeters, just to give an idea about its immense capability.

According to the latest hypotheses, if an object really passes through the miniature wormhole inside a black hole, it may even reach a totally new place or even a different universe.


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