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New Spy Smartwatch called the solution for a Perfect Selfie Photo

T1 Tact, Tactical Smartwatc ( front and rear views)

There are a few new smartwatch brands visible in major American retail stores like Kohl’s, Academy Sports, Dick’s, and even Walmart. However, these shops are behind on the times, not keeping up with the web. The trendiest watch on the market currently is the “T1 Tact Watch,” which is sold exclusively via the official company website (view smartwatch here). Why so popular? This new spy smartwatch is being called the solution for the perfect selfie photo.

Discovered by various social media influencers in 2018, the premier watch to the T1TW brand is the ‘Midnight Diamond.’  It’s an all black, super tough, military-inspired tactical smartwatch with a ‘camera remote control app’ for spying.

A popular YouTube & Instagram influencer found the wrist wear useful for shock content in the past year after learning of its military watch features. With one touch of a button on the watch dial, an operator of the timepiece can take a picture or start the video recording on there phone or tablet. Once Bluetooth synced to any Android or iOS smart device, the smartwatch becomes the controller of the camera.


The Perfect Selfie for Instagram

The ‘camera remote control app’ that syncs with smart devices is inspired by military spy technology concepts. In today’s era, however, it’s used for social media. Not only can this smartwatch sync with your social media accounts via your phone, but it also can take photos. Simply push a button on the watch face (dial) and it will make the Bluetooth synced smartphone’s camera shutter snap. If the device is set to timer mode, it will launch the count down, giving you time to prepare for the photo.

This ability of the T1 Tact Smartwatch alone has gotten it called the “solution for a perfect selfie.” Now Instagram influencers can set up their camera on a tripod, stand a distance away from it, and take a picture of themselves. It looks as if a person has their own personal photographer which is said to increase social media status. It appears the Instagram user is important or ‘rich enough’ to have their own personal paparazzi.

As Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle once rapped on Kendrick Lamar song ‘Dedication,’ ‘How long ’til opportunity meet preparation?’ The T1 Tact Watch is an A1 tool dedicated to the Instagram career, waiting for the perfect landscape views and lifestyle moments.

The Perfect Way to Film YouTube Prank Videos

Of course, there are other ways to use this military tactical smartwatch and its spy technology. One of the most popular genres for YouTube content today, which has remained popular for a decade now, is random prank videos. It used to be harder to set up cameras for such events, requiring extensive audio & visual equipment experience. Now, all of this work has been minimized, because of the T1 Tact Watch.

One person does not need a team anymore like the famed VItaly D, Ed Bassmaster, BFvsGS and others. Instead, YouTubers have begun using the T1TW “Midnight Diamond” to set off cameras and have mics pre-arranged to capture the shocking experiences. With one press of a button B on the dial head, the Bluetooth synced smartphone begins recording film. No need to run to the camera that ‘jet’ to the couch. It can all be done, with ease through the ‘camera remote control app’ of the T1 Tact smartwatch.

Avoid the Fakes on eBay, Shopify, and Amazon

There are too many fake, counterfeit copies of the ‘Midnight Diamond” digital wristwatch. Since social media influencers have tapped into the one-website brand, many people have complained of being duped. However, it’s clear on the official website (T1Tactwatch.com), the brand only sells via their own company shop website. It is the only ‘Trademark’ authentic source for this ‘spying smartwatch’ online.

The official smartwatch has over 15 features. The fakes usually only have about six features that work on there replica wrist wear, judging by all the malfunction issues explained in comments. The official Facebook (@T1Tactwatch.com) and Twitter have to turn these people away, frequently.

In conclusion, stay away from the fakes. Official social media influencers are shopping with the American brand via internet and agent relations. T1TW ships internationally from the USA to London, to Australia, to South Africa.