New Microsoft Surface All-In-One Windows 10 Desktop PC reportedly under works

This week has seen a new intriguing chatter in the tech world surface, as there have been rumors that Microsoft is going to deviate from its two-in-one laptops and release an AIO (all-in-one) Surface PC very soon. Whether it is going to be a traditional computer or a commercial version of PixelSense is quite unclear.

Microsoft is an almost entirely software based company, and their two best products Windows 10 and Office 365 are the USP of Microsoft. As is obvious, a good software requires good hardware to run optimally. Therefore it is not hard to imagine that Microsoft could venture into it. Coming up with an AIO that optimizes their software will help it showcase its prowess.

Although this does make Microsoft competitors of their manufacturing partners, the fact that the team working on the hardware will have complete ease of access to the new and upcoming software, and their latest versions will help create the most efficient devices.

The Surface devices that work on Microsoft’s Mobile Computing are arguably the best in their league. However, there is enough room on the Windows 10 platform to allow more innovation and build futuristic devices, like the one in question here.

When it comes to sales, laptops running on Microsoft do much more than any other, but the goal of the company here seems to be shifting here. The idea is not to sell what works, but to sell something new every time a particular consumer comes back.

The All-in-One surface computers will give a tangible exquisitivity to what Windows has to offer from its software. This brings them closer to Apple, and towards excellence in a slightly different area than their usual. As a Windows fan, I can hope that talks like these aren’t just rumors.

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