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New LegalKart app can be the lawyers’ best friend, help manage cases efficiently and effectively


Legal professionals are in for a treat in India in the form of the mobile application LegalKart, which happens to be the first practice management app that aims to simplify things for those in the legal fraternity.

Devised by Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, the app aims to bring about a sea change in the way the legal profession is conducted in the country. That would be achieved by letting the legal professional automate most of their daily chores, leaving them to focus on the finer details of the cases on hand.

Among the tasks that LegalKart can pull off with elan include financial management, client management, document, and team management and such, things that a lawyer otherwise would have had to perform manually. That way, the app can help in assigning tasks or synchronizing calendars to keep the lawyers abreast of their next engagement.


The app also helps the lawyer to collaborate with others in the business or seek counsel from other expert lawyers from across India. The app will also provide all the latest updates on all legal matters. In fact, there is a social side to the app as well in that the lawyers can maintain profiles. Further, they can interact with fellow LegalKart members in real-time from anywhere in the country.

The app also enables lawyers to register their clients right on the app itself. This way, lawyers will be able to keep the clients updated on the latest position of the case as well as other details pertaining to it. This also makes it possible for the lawyers to deal with several clients simultaneously, without having to worry about keeping track of the individual cases manually.

The app also offers several convenient options for the lawyers which include the ability to add voice notes or upload important documents relevant to the case. Lawyers will also be able to chat in real-time with other lawyers to seek advice/ instruction from experts in the field. Plus, there is also the provision to chat with the clients as well to seek information or issue instructions and such. This way, the app can act as an effective communication medium and help in the easy flow of information.

Payment is another aspect where the app can ease things for the lawyers. That starts right with the invoice preparation itself in real-time. Lawyers can add the expenses with their cases and can share the same with their clients when it is ready, all in real-time. The app will also keep track of the invoice as well, which is just another reason the app can be a huge boon for the legal professionals.

For the clients, the app will serve as a single-window opening for seeking the best legal advice each time. The app takes note of the client queries and presents them to the lawyers. This makes it all the more convenient for the lawyers to get new clients and cases as the app serves as the perfect meeting ground for the lawyers and clients, making it a win-win solution for both.

The app is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms.