Microsoft finally came through; unveiling the much talked about Windows 10 that it reiterates sets up precedence for the future of the Windows Platform. The giant software maker plans to roll out Windows 10 later in the year having incorporated a number of changes to the previous models.

1. Free Upgrade

Transition from Windows 7 or Windows 8/ 8.1 to Windows 10 is to be carried out for free. Microsoft seems to have borrowed a leaf from Apple, which opted to give OSX and iOS upgrades for free to ensure users don’t spend a lot on software upgrades. It is still unclear whether Microsoft will require users to pay for the upgrade after one year of use.

2. One OS for All Devices

Unity among the operating system has been installed meaning there will be no difference between Windows Phone and the OS running on PC. The era, of dealing with Windows RT for tablet users, will thus come to an end with Windows 10. Desktops mobiles, as well as laptops and 2-in-1 devices, will run on the same operating software that will be optimized based on the platform.

3. Start Menu Returns

The start Menu makes a comeback after an outcry From Windows loyalist and will feature quick buttons for switching Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A new Notification Center will also be on offer above the Action Center; bringing in the weather and news.

4. Personal Voice Assistant

Microsoft has also made a bold step to compete against iOS on the personal voice assistant front as Windows 10 is to come embedded with Cortana. Microsoft’s new feature will support seven languages while also accommodating impersonations. Cortana will also be helpful in opening apps such as PowerPoint and Word.

5. Universal Apps

Microsoft is also going for Universal apps on Windows 10 having similar design across devices. Outlook will feature an inbuilt Word Engine with an Office ribbon that allows multiple ways of formatting Office documents.

6. Project Spartan

Project Spartan makes a debut on Windows 10 allowing people to annotate web pages using stylus or touch interface. The reading mode on Project Spartan will also be similar to that of Safari in Apple. The unveiling of the new feature will not in any way mark the demise of Internet Explorer according Microsoft.

7. Xbox Live Addition

Windows 10 devices will come bundled with the Xbox app a feature that will allow users to record up to 30 seconds of gameplay that will be sent to Xbox Live so that other Xbox users can also watch as well.