New Dyson Airwrap styler and Corrale Straightener will let you look your best this Diwali

It is the season of festivities here in India and Dyson chose the occasion to launch its new Airwrap styler and Dyson Corrale Straightener tools. The timing couldn’t have been better as this is also the time when people dress in their best attires and strive to look their best. After all, it is Diwali, the festival of lights and the celebration wouldn’t be complete without the inner sparkle within us.

Towards that, the new Dyson Airwrap styler and the Dyson Corrale Straightener can be your perfect accompaniment to bright out that inner glow. Dyson said its new Airwrap styler is a multi-styler tool designed to provide salon-like hair sitting at home itself. For that, it comes with half a dozen different attachments to suit different occasions. For instance, you can have curly or wavy hair while also keeping it smooth and dry.

Also, the new Dyson Airwrap styler is unlike any that the competition has to offer as it just doesn’t use heat to provide a curly effect. Instead, it relies on an aerodynamic phenomenon named the Coanda effect wherein the surrounding air is used to attract and curl the hair around the barrel. That way, the hair also gets dried up in the process without causing any significant damage to it as the hair is never subjected to excessive heat.

The Dyson Corrale, on the other hand, is a hair straightener tool that goes about doing its job causing the least damage to the hair. For that, the Dyson Corrale comes with three different temperature settings – 165 degrees, 185 degrees, and 210 degrees centigrade. This way, you can set the temperature depending on the nature and curl of your hair. This, Dyson claimed will lead to a 50 percent reduction in hair damage.

Another cool feature of the Dyson Corrale is that it is cordless and hence adds to the ease of operation immensely. There is an integrated OLED display as well that displays several information bits such as charge remaining, the charging status when plugged in, temperature settings, and such. Mention must also be made of flexible plates that ensure the hair strands are subjected to uniform levels of heat and tension.

Coming to availability, both the Dyson Airwrap styler and the Dyson Corrale Straightener can be purchased exclusively from Both can make excellent Diwali gifts as well and comes in exciting shades that too can light up the mood perfectly.

The Dyson Airwrap styler comes with color options of Limited festive edition Prussian Blue & Rich Copper- inspired by Dyson’s Automotive project, Red and Fuchsia.

The Dyson Corrale straightener comes with color options of matte Fuchsia and sleek Copper.