New Horizon has finally decided to endeavor their operation to Pluto and make some new discoveries about the planet. This summer the scientists are planning to explore their last mission to the world and are going to discover more about the rock 2014 MU69.

In 2015, the mission to study the new planet was a successful one. However, till date, not much detail is known about it except for the fact that it revolves around the sun.

2014 MU69 – One among the several objects in KBOs

 This object which is also known as “ring of rock” or ice debris is one out of the several objects present in the Kuiper Belt, which girdles the solar system. The objects present here are primordial ones as said by Simon Porter who is a researcher in this team. He further said that these rocks were never affected by bigger planets, and hence, they are still in the place where they were formed.

The researchers done are appreciable, and if the crew gets encouraged, they will soon find out all the answers about how our solar system was formed.

This special team has also sent another spaceship towards the MU69 showing their eagerness towards another operation. However, NASA has yet not whispered anything officially to approve this operation.

NASA’s approval is required

 Although, the team of researchers have sent their spacecraft, however, to keep the spacecraft for long, NASA’s approval is critical. Therefore, now everything depends on the support. Porter confessed that if NASA does not approve, then they will dismiss the spaceship.

New Horizon is popular because it has completed tasks within least expenses. The researchers say that if this mission is officially approved, they will move other bodies which come along the way.

Hence, this summer, the team is hoping to get a positive response from NASA.