New Delhi to combat air pollution using mechanical road cleaning equipments

Delhi – With the heavy smog disrupting the regular traffic flow and causing alarming problems at the start of the year the Delhi government has now come up with a solution for combating the air pollution and dust problem. It plans to use mechanical cleaning equipment to reduce the percentage of airborne particles in the atmosphere along with planting grass on both the roadsides. The next three months will see the Delhi government keenly initiating the mechanical road cleaning process and grass plantation.

Just a year back, the World Health Organization had warned India about the presence of small airborne particles in the atmosphere of the country’s capital city, New Delhi.

However, the Indian authorities considered the report to be a bit exaggerated stating that the scenario was not as bad as was being reflected in the WHO report. Today it is being stipulated that the air pollution in New Delhi is as bad as that in Beijing, which is quite alarming.

Planting Trees and Grasses Reduce Air Pollution

Air Pollution is known to cause serious health problems such as lung diseases, lung cancer, breathing difficulties and more. That is why, environmentalists have long been stressing on the need to plant more trees and shrubs to reduce the air pollution in the atmosphere.

At present, the air in New Delhi is 78 percent polluted out of which 38 percent pollution comes from the vehicles. With the city growing in leaps and bounds, there is no way in which the growth in the number of vehicles can be stopped. However, the percentage of pollution in the air can be controlled by planting evergreen trees, shrubs and grass alongside the road.

To ensure that the newly planted plants and grass do not succumb to the atmospheric conditions, the Delhi government will need to take good care of them. Only then, all the planning and efforts will show the desired results.


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