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NASA to replace Rovers by new breed of bouncing robots for future Mars mission


NASA – Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and NASA are trying to create a robust robot that can soon replace the rovers on regular NASA missions. The robot thus developed will be bouncy enough to be dropped on the planets and can start its work right away. According to the report, the prototype tensegrity robot and the bouncing robot 2 Martyn Williams can roll and bounce using adjusting tension on its cables.

The earlier trips to Mars have caused many complexities. The main problem is created while using the parachute to guide the robots down to the surface of the planet along with their delicate scientific instruments.

In 2012, more high-tech things were used to make the Mars Rover land on the platform of the planet. The new robot prototype is almost similar to what children prepare in the craft class sans any internal features.


Features of the New Robot  

The new prototype robot has six rods linked with 24 cables. It works under a balance of compression and tension, which makes it extremely resilient to the impacts when it lands on the planetary platform. Its robust nature ensures that it can move and roll over the surface of the planet without getting into any problem.

According to a scientist, at NASA Ames research center, Adrian Agogino, the structure of the new robot is strong enough to withstand landing without taking any support from the external sources. Moreover, its strength ensures that it lands safely even at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

Agogino added that the robot would not require any added baggage of additional airbags, landing support and will land on the Martian moon-Titan just like the rover as an active, rolling structure.

To get the expected results, it is extremely important that the robots be controlled very carefully as even one small mistake can stop this highly expensive research program.

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