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New Apple AirPods 3 design with shorter stem leaked online

Here is some fresh evidence of what the AirPods 3 is going to look like thanks to a set of images of the same that has leaked online. The images also seemingly confirm what was being rumored about the AirPods 3, which includes smaller stems and a sleeker design. All of this has led to change in the case design as well, which now sports an LED indicator too.

Another highlight of the AirPods 3 is going to be its pressure-relieving technology, something that we get to see in the AirPods Pro as well. What this essentially does is it helps in maintaining pressure equilibrium within the ears, which in turn ensures using the AirPods for long hours does not turn into torture for the ears.

Another new feature added to the AirPods 3 is going to be the addition of spatial audio even though it will be missing out on the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. Maybe Apple will be reserving the high-end features to differentiate its Pro line of earbuds from the regular ones.

There is still some ambiguity so far as battery life is concerned. While some sources claim it is going to remain unchanged at five hours as the current model, there are others who claim the audio playback time is going to be better than 5 hours.

There is no surety on the launch date either though rumor has it that it is going to happen sometime in March. There has earlier been speculation about Apple holding an event on March 16 though that seems to have been refuted. In any case, the launch is expected to happen sometime soon, maybe within the next few weeks itself.