We have seen many news reports about many leading companies launching their Workplace by Facebook network for the effective management of the man force. Now, the world-renowned food and drink company, Nestle has launched their work platform on Workplace by Facebook. According to the official information, the company had already started adding employees to this platform around nine months ago. Now they have around 210,000 of its employees worldwide use the platform to connect and collaborate with each other.

Since the majority of their employees are now using this platform, Workplace by Facebook has turned out to be a good initiative for the company in many ways. Now the employees are communicating and collaborating with each other more often than it was before. It already helped Nestle to receive great ideas and feedback from their global employees under a single platform without much efforts. According to the Nestle officials, they have experimented this platform in their major markets including Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and South Africa saw 25 times higher engagement per post and very high rate of use on mobile devices.

Nestle claims that now it has turned out as very easy for the managers to connect with the employees at any part of the world to execute effective communication and collaborations. Not only the managers but the sales team also found it as a great way for daily check-ins and to share information and best practice.

Commenting on the news, Nestlé Executive Vice President Chris Johnson, said: “Nestlé is a people-first environment. We really rely on our talented teams to manage more than 2,000 Nestlé brands worldwide. We help our employees develop and we give them the right tools, so Workplace is a perfect fit.”