NASA’s New Horizon Confirms That Pluto Has A Heart

Nasa: July 13, 2015: A more or less opaque heart structure can be seen on Pluto’s red soil.

The planet is also lined with bright dots that seem to look like ice caps and a mysterious black formation is seen which is termed as “The Whale”.

This has been recorded the first time since NASA sent out its first unmanned spacecraft, New Horizons, towards Pluto’s orbit since 2006.

According to John Spencer, who is working with the South West research Institute in Colorado, the spacecraft is still at a stage of reaching the Pluto’s surface as it makes the closest fly-by on 14 July 2015.

Scientists are on the verge to claim these pictures as just a reflective form of imagery as the lights and the dark part may be illuminating the surface in a different way.

It can only be determined once the aircraft comes closer to Pluto.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the mission has started from Cape Canaveral, Florida with an approximate journey length of three billion miles towards Pluto. According to Space scientists, new Horizons would come in close contact with Pluto on July 14th 2015 with a distance measuring 9,977 kilometres from the surface.

This $700 million space shuttle is just the size of a piano and is declared as the fastest space shuttle ever launched with a speed of 49,570 km per hour.

It is also equipped with two optical instruments with dust sensors and radio science receiver with which it can read and capture the geological status of the planet as well as the five moons with it.


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