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NASA selects candidates for its subsequent frontiers mission

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NASA is currently analyzing 12 proposals from the candidates who want to participate in the agency’s fourth latest Frontier programs. Agency has up to date instigated three operations namely; the Juno Jupiter operation, new Horizon Pluto operation, and OSIRIS-Rex operation.

The agency is examining the proposals from both the scientific and the technical perspectives, and the process is likely to take about seven months. Precisely, only one proposal would be selected from among the 12 and would be officially launched earliest in 2024. NASA is anticipated to build up the latest mission with a budget worth around $1 billion by end of 2019.

The agency is currently focusing more on exploring Mars than other planets in the space, thus it’s considering other teams to undertake the rest of the solar system. NASA expects the new team to carry out the mission that would help NASA disclose the mysterious happenings in the universe.

The applications will comprise the beginning of the unmanned space plane to collect samples from the Comet exteriors, explore Saturn Probes, the Ocean Worlds Titans and or the Enceladus among others. NASA has continued to provide scientific evidence that there is life in other Planets and its previous studies have shown positive results that could lead to more discoveries.

The latest projects would be based on the earlier Frontier programs and it’s anticipated that the new projects would bring forth more amazing findings from the space that could lead to possibilities of humans settling on other solar systems.

For instance, the New Horizon took some fascinating images of Pluto while Juno is on a mission to discover Jupiter and has captured more comprehensive data on the Planet. The OSIRIS-Rex is also on a critical mission to explore the Earth-related Asteroid known as Bennu.

The agency will decide on the New Frontiers operations from the specified themes for about a span of five years each. Therefore, the entire new series of explorations is likely to take about forty years for the space mission to be completed that is if the changes would not be amended on the already pre-selected themes.

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