NASA Denies Strange Claims Of Sending Children For Sex Slavery On Mars

Nasa has been forced to reject the outrageous claims that the space agency is operating child slavery on Mars Planet. The allegations were made by Robert David, an ex-CIA officer who commented on the recent Alex Jones Show. Based on his arguments, the space agency is secretly shipping underage children to work on the planet as sex slaves. To respond to the claims, NASA’s spokesman denied the strange claims saying there are no humans surviving on the Red Planet at the moment.

Recently, the space agency refuted the rumors that it has discovered the alien life on Mars. The theory that went wild after the show on one of the best US national radio stations has shocked many people who highly honor the agency and its overall role it plays to the global world.

NASA’s spokesman on Mars, Guy Webster, informed the Daily Beast that Mars is currently occupied by active rovers but not human beings. The child colony reports emerged on the show run by controversial man, Alex Jones who had been accused of previous claims that the Sand Hook shootings were stage-managed and that Boston bombings were just a hoax of the government.

The InfoWars, the Trump-endorsed media station was the first to alert the public in the conspiracy about the space agency kidnapping underage kids and transporting them to the planet.

According to David who was hosted on the Jones’s show, there is a bizarre colony on the Red Planet that is inhabited by young children who are usually kidnapped by the agency and shipped to the space on a 20-year trip. The moment they land on Mars, they have to work as sex objects.

Jones supported the outlandish claims backing up with more facts that NASA missions are always carried out secretly and there is pretty much stuff that goes on in their operations. For many years, NASA has carried out their space missions secretively only unveiling the standard findings but many claims that there are a lot of things that go unpublished.

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