NASA Denies Finding Alien Life

NASA has announced that it has not found any alien life as claimed by the anonymous hacker group who released a video on June 20 about the existence of aliens on space. They stated that NASA is about to announce their encounter with aliens from the outer space. NASA official has just confirmed today that there is no such discovery and there is no plan to drop any bombshell of alien life despite the rumors spreading around.

Contrary to the stories, NASA’s science chief Thomas Zurbuchen commented via Twitter that there is no pending proclamation regarding the extraterrestrial life in the outer space. The video that was shared widely prompting questions such as “are we alone in the world?” while the researchers are still carrying out the studies to uncover the truth, the findings could help answer the fundamental question.

The Anonymous video did not center on the hacked details but rather on the testimony that Zurbuchen allegedly gave out on April 26 during the House of Representatives’ Committee meeting. The video which takes 12 minutes touches on other issues including the newest Earth-like planets that were discovered recently.

Zurbuchen who is cited in the ongoing claims retaliated back by assuring the public that the reports are false and have no basis. During the April hearing, Zurbuchen cited that they have found out thousands of the exoplanets collected by the Kepler space telescope, the discovery of hydrogen in the Saturn’s moon by the Cassini space probe, Enceladus, the probable detection of liquid water in the Jovian satellite Europa and much more.

According to Zurbuchen, NASA is still in the process of searching for the answers on the existence of the alien life. They have various activities and missions in place specifically for the study.

It’s unfortunate that the Anonymous group misinterpreted the details and took off with the second half of the sentence and makes the headlines. The interpretation is not wrong but no one should expect any announcement on the same from NASA in the near future unless the scientists uncover the evidence.