California, United States: Nasa has called a hoax the recent speculation regarding a huge asteroid crashing into the Earth in September. A rumor has been floating around the Internet that an asteroid is scheduled to impact Earth between September 15 and 28 devastating the American continents.

Several self-styled entities are of the opinion that the world is set to end in September because of various reasons such as Jesus, the Large Hadron Collider or by an asteroid. However, NASA has dismissed the conspiracy theories as rubbish.

The American space agency informed that no asteroid would be passing near Earth at those dates.

The manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object office, Paul Chodas stated there are zero scientific basis and no kind of evidence at all that an asteroid or some space object will hit Earth on the specified dates.

He added that if there anything big enough really existed to cause mass destruction next month, the world would have viewed it in part by now.

The fact is none of the known objects in space have any kind of genuine possibility of hitting Earth in the next 100 years.

All the potentially harmful asteroids that are known to mankind have below 0.01% probability of hitting Earth in the coming 100 years.

The imminent destruction is coming from different sources such as a message from a self-proclaimed prophet, end-times conspiracists’ theories and the Bible code.

The probability of being killed by an asteroid impact is 1 in 700,000. The probability is higher of being hit by lightning in life (1 in 3,000) or discovering a pearl inside an oyster (1 in 12,000).

NASA senses, monitors and classifies comets and asteroids travelling within 30 million miles of our planet harnessing both space and ground-deployed telescopes.

The Near-Earth Object Observations Program, popularly known as “Spaceguard” identifies these objects, defines their physical nature and simulates their paths to evaluate if they are potentially threatening to our planet.