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NASA chief scientist predicts to find alien life by 2045

The possibility of Alien life has been the subject of a long running debate as scientist increase the intensity of their studies into the matter. Scientists at NASA are convinced more than ever that alien life is a big possibility and that conclusive evidence will become evident before 2045. Focus now shifts to when alien life will be discovered and not if, it will ever be discovered.

NASA chief scientist, Ellen Stofan made the sentiments last week during a forum on habitable places in space. Stofan added that they now know the specific areas to look at and how to go about the research, technology already in place.

NASA hopes that its next mission to Europa will yield more answers than questions after years of studies especially with regards to alien microbes.

Stofan is, however, quick to point out that their study and research is not focused on finding little green men on Mars but essentially finding more answers about microbes. Unique properties of molecule and astronomical techniques have in the recent past provided insight and reason that signs of life beyond the solar systems could be discovered two to three decades from now.

There is no doubt it is going to require advanced technology to come up with conclusive evidence about alien life beyond the solar system. In instances of life in another planet, any creatures in the planet will likely start to use energy perhaps in the form of sunlight, hydro/geothermal vent or radioactively decaying elements.

Whenever a planet with life passes over a parent star, light emitted from the star appears dim reaching a minimum brightness and brightens up as the planet completes its journey across the disk. Discovery of alien life in the near future will likely put to rest the ongoing concern that humans are not the only people in the universe.