NASA has announced to pay $5,000 for the best ideas on how to survive on Mars. The agency is trying to crowdsource the ideas about how to manage a 500-day resupply schedule while the crew will be living on Mars. It has asked those interested to write down the ideas in detail on establishing a continuous presence of humans on Mars Planet.

In other words, NASA is expecting the crowd to slice their brain and come up with ideas on anything related to living on the planet or making the condition on Mars livable. The ideas can be on anything including, food, water, shelter, communication, exercise, medicine, breathable air, and social interactions.

However, NASA also wants the participants to be more innovative and come up with creative elements beyond the basic.

The most important thing required is the idea related to the planetary system, which should be economically sustainable, technically achievable and should minimize dependency on Earth for support.

Next Giant Leap in December

NASA intends to send humans to the red planet by the 2030s and the next giant leap related to the same will be taken in the month of December this year. The agency is busy testing the next-generation spacecraft Orion and has announced that the Space Launch System (SLS) is the largest every built rocket until date.

NASA has asked the entrants to include ways to minimize delivery supplies in the future, so that a sustained human presence can be built around 140 miles away from our planet. The agency has announced that the top 3 ideas will be awarded the cash prize.

It is mandatory that the participants should mention surface systems of Mars, capabilities, and operations that can be carried out there so that an achievable and technically feasible plan can be developed.

NASA is already spending heavily on testing and developing its next generation launch vehicles-Orion crew spacecraft and the Space Launch System rocket.