NASA Asteroid predictions are all absurd, claims former Microsoft exec

Nathan P Myhrvold, a former Executive of Microsoft recently shot to limelight when his paper on asteroids got published in New York Times on May 23, 2016.

The paper published makes it clear that all the predictions of NASA regarding asteroids are all absurd, and it is a bad science without any credibility.

Nathan has a PhD in Physics, but he does not have any prior experience in the field of astronomy. Myhrvold has analyzed the results of NASA‘s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft (WISE) before making the finalization.

WISE has been deployed in the space for the past seven years, and its main aim is to read the heat signatures of various asteroids which are coming close to our planet.

The heat data will be later translated in NEOWISE mission, and it will help us understand the size of the asteroids. But, Nathan Myhrvold claims that his research literally debunks the statistical steps NASA is using in the NEOWISE phase to analyze the size of the asteroids which are fastly approaching Earth.

NASA on the other hand, has strongly opposed all these claims, and they clarified that all the assumptions made by Nathan are wrong. They added that Nathan’s size estimates for asteroids have been proved wrong by other reliable methods.

According to Myhrvold, some of the senior research personals in NASA have told him about the incredibility of the space agency’s method in finding the size of the asteroids.

The former Microsoft Executive made it clear that he can make claims and can question assumptions as he is not a part of the establishment.

At this juncture, readers should understand that Japan has conducted same kind of study similar to WISE, and they have also measured length of asteroids which are nearing Earth.


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