NASA now accepting future astronauts applications for Mars Expedition

NASA now accepting future astronauts application

One of the best places to work in the US Federal Government is NASA. However, it is not an easy task to get the Space Agency payroll, and the best candidates can do so. NASA is now accepting future astronauts applications for Mars expedition, and the website will be open till February 18. Qualifying U.S. citizens may apply here.

The names of the selected candidates will be announced by NASA in mid-2017.The selected few will be able to fly in four different spacecraft in their career. It includes the International Space Station, two commercial spacecraft that are being developed by US companies, and NASA’s Orion deep space exploration vehicle.

NASA astronauts will once again embark on journeys to the ISS from the US made commercial spacecraft – the Boeing CST -100 Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon.

The probe will allow NASA to add a seventh crew to the ISS adding valuable time to conduct research expanding knowledge and validate the new technology.

The selected astronauts will also get a chance to have a space rendezvous on the Orion spacecraft and carry out unique missions in the lunar orbit. The Orion spacecraft will enable NASA to carry out the complex mission in deep space which will ultimately help in the long journey to Mars.

To help accomplish this work, NASA will select qualified astronaut candidates from a diverse pool of U.S. citizens with a wide variety of backgrounds, including engineers, scientists and physicians.

According to the professional networking site LinkedIn, some three million of the site’s members working in the United States appear to meet the minimum academic eligibility requirements for the job.

Brian Kelly, director of Flight Operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston said that NASA needs a diverse mix of individuals with abilities to make it one of the best astronaut corps possible. Astronauts must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological science, computer science or mathematics.

An advanced degree will be an added qualification. They must have 1,000 hours of independent piloting experience in a jet aircraft or at least three years of related, progressively responsible professional experience.

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