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Myths about working from home – are they true?

What are the things that come to your mind when you picture someone working from home? Most likely, you imagined some of the following scenarios:

– they sleep in until they feel like it

– they work in their PJs

– they take frequent breaks to play with their dog

– they are depressed because they have no interactions with other colleagues

– they perform random household errands while they work

Give or take, these are some of the images you have in mind when you think about someone working from the comfort of their home. Well, while some are true, it’s not fair to describe people who work remotely as being these lazy individuals who take advantage of their position. Working from home is popular nowadays, but few people speak about the effort it takes. To be able to complete their tasks, people need top-notch technology, so they invest in devices and pay for a premium Internet connection.

The truth is working from home isn’t as glamorous as people picture it, and many of the assumptions they have are only myths.

This article will list some of the most common myths associated with this type of work.

It’s easier than working at an office

As with any other activity, it has its ups and downs. Sometimes, it’s easier to complete specific tasks when you’re at home. There is no phone ringing every 5 minutes, there is no annoying cubicle neighbour who plays with their pen from morning till evening, and there are no co-workers who are wandering around the office texting on their phone. They could take breaks when they feel drained from energy without their manager, asking them if they completed their work. They can even take their dog for a walk around the block when they need to get up from the desk because their back hurts.

But when working at home, people need to impose themselves a strict discipline and maintain determination because there’s no one to hold them accountable for the progress of the project. Yes, they can spend how much time they want on e-commerce website looking for a new pair of boots, but if they don’t focus on their tasks, they can quickly get fired. They put more effort into sticking to a disciplined work schedule because they still deal with unhappy clients who want their projects done in time.

So, working from home isn’t always easier than at the office when you lack determination and discipline. Some would kill to have a cubicle they can share with a co-worker that helps them resist temptations.

Work-related stress triggers depression and anxiety

When working at home, people find it more challenging to fix problems because there are no co-workers to support them. They often have to figure out what the solution is, and this often stresses them out. When working at the office, they can rely on their colleagues to provide their expertise and knowledge, but when remote they can only hope for someone to reply to their email in time and share their feedback for a specific issue.

Waiting for project resolutions and clients’ feedback is also overwhelming because many freelance workers get their check only if the clients are happy with the work they completed. So often working from home isn’t a relaxing job everyone dreams about, but the stressful time of the week when they wonder if they’ll make enough money to pay their rent. Many people who work remotely use Organic CBD Nugs because they need to alleviate their anxiety and depression symptoms. Research shows that job-related stress is one of the leading factors for depression and anxiety in young people. Job searching is difficult, and job retention is sometimes impossible when companies have sky-rocketing expectations from people who work from home.

They can do whatever they want, whenever they want

While they can make appointments to cut their hair, they weren’t allowed to take when they were at the office, they cannot come up with lists of activities not related to work, whenever they feel.

Some of them still work in client-facing positions, so they have the same nine to five schedules, only that they do it from home. Most of the companies stick to this schedule because that’s when people interact with organisations the most. So, if they collaborate with a corporation, they cannot do whatever they want during the eight hours they should work.

Savvy workers can finish tasks earlier and get some occasional free time to go for a walk in the park or bake a cake, but it all depends on their job.

It gives them a better life-work balance

When people work the traditional nine to five office job, even if they hate it, they take comfort in that they can forget about all tasks, the moment the clock hits 5. They can allow themselves to relax in the evening, go to the movie with their friends, and live in a world that has no connection with their job. But when they are freelancers, they are always in search of a new project, and they end up working more than 8 hours a day.

They partly do it because it takes plenty of effort to grow your own business. And partly because they cannot draw a line between their life and work when it’s all happening at home. They don’t leave their house in the morning to head to the office, and then leave their office to come home to their families. They move from the bedroom to their office, or sometimes from their bed to their desk, and they skip lunches and meals. Some of them even ignore weekends because they have too many projects to complete and they’re already late.

Working from home should be an option only if you are an organised and disciplined individual who has access to all the resources; they need to get the job done. If you just transitioned, you may soon find out that it takes some time to adjust to the new game, but give it time because you’ll come up with strategies to manage it.

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