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Must have apps for students living away from Home

Are you planning to move to some other place for your higher studies? Well, if yes there are various issues which you shall face while shifting to a new place. However living in a new place is a memorable and learning experience but finding an apt place to stay is the first hazardous task that you may face. We are breathing in a World where now a day’s everyone relies on Smartphone for quicker solution to problems.  We have a list of few highly useful apps enlisted especially for students who have moved to a new city.


zomato 600x338 1

Zomato is the number one app for finding the best restaurants nearby. Its search filters would help you explore the all new restaurant collection. It provides a map view through which you identify all the restaurants within few kilometers of your location. You can choose a particular restaurant by reading the recommendations given by people who have visited and tried their food. You can even browse and get the menu of any restaurant you are looking for. Zomato has countless filters through which you can select the food type, location and cost for reaching the best selection in a simple way.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


bookmyshow new

For latest updates of any happenings in the city this is the best app to have in your smart phone. This app provides information on all movies, plays, events, sports events and festivals currently running in the city. You can easily book ticket for yourself and entertain yourself by enjoying the most happening events in the city. It has simple filters through which you can select the event type and city for getting the best results. On selecting a choice you will get a review of the event, after reading it you can precede for buying the ticket by making online payment.

Price: Free

Availability: Android I iOS


Uber App Apk Download For Android 1024x592

Both are one of the very famous cab services running successfully in India. Well, if you are new in a city the basic issue is how to travel. By downloading and using either of these cab service you shall tend to save big bucks. Safety is again an important aspect which needs to be kept in mind, through these apps your location can easily be tracked by sharing your ride details with your family. Through these apps you get the cab in 5-10 minutes at your doorstep. A comfortable cab at affordable prices is what both the cab service offers in just one touch.

Price: Free

OLA: Android l iOS

UBER: Android l iOS

Just Dial:

JustDial new app

This app acts as a savior in most needful hours. It plays an important role in providing all the vital information relating to restaurants, hospitals, travel, existing deals etc. Whatever and whenever you require any information you just need to dial one number. It is difficult to get access to an electrician or a good doctor or if you need to send flowers to your parents for their anniversary, just dial has it all.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS

Food Network in kitchen:

Food Network in kitchen 600x375 1

This amazing cooking app would make you learn a few easy recipes which you can make when you are hungry. You can easily fetch thousands of recipes from your favorite chef’s and shows through this amazing app. You can get instant access to award-winning and top-rated recipes for free now. There are plethora of recipes videos and photos uploaded on this app. It gives step by step procedure of preparing a particular dish that too in a very fun loving way making cooking an enjoyable and interesting activity. It has a shopping list column wherein you can enlist the ingredients you require for preparing a particular dish.

You can easily save your favorite recipes in the Recipe Box for a quicker review. You can even share your favorite videos with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter etc. It is a very cool and fun cooking app that you would definitely love to have in your gadget.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


true 600x393 1

Truecaller helps you block unwanted calls. If you tend to receive calls from an unknown number it flashes the registered name as well as the registered city name. The database of the company has vast collection of mobile numbers registered with it. So you can easily avoid unwanted calls and you won’t be clueless about any call after downloading this app.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


paytm freecharge security f 1024x622

Bygone is the days when people used to wait for their turn for getting their mobile recharge to be done. The new mantra currently prevailing is by the mobile, to the mobile for the mobile. We can recharge our mobile through our smart phone only. Not only this, these sites even offer free coupons and other recharges too. You can even recharge your DTH box too. Within minutes recharge is done avoiding hassles of visiting a recharge shop.

Price: Free

Paytm: Android l iOS

Freecharge: Android l iOS


In a new city it is difficult to trust anyone. Having a safety app is not a bad option. This safety app enables users to continuously share your whereabouts with their families and friends. Through this app families can easily track the user’s location. Prevention is better than cure so why be aware and use this app as a safety measure. This help sends an automatic message to family when the user is in danger. Instantly after that suitable actions can be taken for sending help.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

Daily expense manager:

Daily expense manager 600x375 1

Do you find it difficult to manage your expenses? Have you never managed your expenses earlier? If yes. Don’t worry this app will help you with this. You can keep a track of your expenses by recording them here. You can create a budget plan through this app and then spend accordingly. This planning would save you from any financial crisis the entire month.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


Family is always missed while staying away from them. Skype provides a convenient and affordable means of getting in touch with your loved ones. Through Skype you can make video calls to your family and chat with them. This relieves parents ensuring them that their children are doing perfectly fine. Skype is one must have for every student.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


The above mentioned apps would prove really fruitful for any student moving to an unknown place. Each app has its own importance and usefulness. Depending on your requirement you can select and download the apps. You just focus on your studies, rest all these apps will do it for you.

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