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Must have apps for Android and iOS smarphone to boost your productivity

apps to boost productivity

Whether it is shopping, chatting, eating, or hailing a cab, name a task and there’s an app. The success of smartphones and tablets over the last five years has been helped in no small part by the huge number of apps available to users. These handy little add-ons make life simple and easy. But, how many of these apps are productive? Do they enable you to perform your job better? Do they give you the ability to work on the move in a way that hasn’t been possible ever? Take advantage of modern technology to increase your effectiveness in, and outside the office.

Here are apps which have been proven to increase the productiveness of people at all levels of business:

1. Send Anywhere:

It is a multi-platform file sharing service that will let you share content across various devices in real time. If you have files that you need to share, all you need to do is open this app, pair with the device you want to send it to with a six-digit key and press send. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need to log in.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

2. Swiftkey:

Want to type at bombarding speed? Then download this third-party keyboard app. It does take a little time to get accustomed to, but once you master it, you will be able to take notes and more in a jiffy. Also, the keyboard senses your typing style and predicts what emoji you’ll use next or what word you are going to type. Users can even customize their keyboard via Swiftkey Hub and sync it across all their devices.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

3. Clear Focus:

If you get distracted easily, download this app at the earliest. It enables you to set work sessions for yourself and time them. It allows the user to set break sessions as well. The app’s interface is very easy to grasp and use, which helps you manage your time effectively. It also gives you options like disabling all the apps that distract you — Wi-Fi, or sounds and vibrations — in your smartphone. You can also check the total time you worked or how many breaks you took, via this app.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

4. Evernote:

This one offers a great way to stay organized around the office. The service lets you take text notes, pictures, record audio and videos; and in case you use multiple mobile devices, these files get synced across gadgets automatically. There is a paid and a free version of the app. The free version will let you upload content that is up to 60MB in size and comes with a number of options that let you organize, edit and share content.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

5. Todoist:

Managing and keeping track of various tasks can be a headache. If you have a problem remembering what you need to finish, then this is just the app for you. Add all the important tasks that you have to do and sync them across all platforms so that all your devices can remind you to do a particular job. That’s not all, this nifty organizer, allows users to plan seven days in advance. You can also file tasks under different ‘projects’ like personal, shopping, work or errands.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

6. Shoeboxed:

Claiming expenses can be a time-consuming process, all those forms to fill out and keeping track of those receipts. This app is great for people who frequently find themselves out and about in the name of the business. It enables you to scan your receipts into your phone as you go. It then collates and organizes these receipts for you. There’s also a handy feature on the app if you find yourself with countless business cards after that out of town conference. Much like the receipt function, you just scan the business card with your phone and voila, the information is pulled from the image and then stored in a personal contact list.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

7. Google Drive:

With the help of this app, you can create and edit documents, solo or with others, in real time and see everyone’s changes as they make them. Google Drive is accessible wherever you have Internet access and a Web browser. There’s also an optional, downloadable component too that enables file-syncing directly from the computer. Other online-only suites, notably Zoho, have bigger feature sets, but Google Drive comes close to the ideal balance of features, speed, and convenience. 

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

8. Keeper:

Ever had one of those days when you can’t remember your passwords? Have you had to wait until the IT department gets back to you with a replacement? Or do you just go straight for the reset button? Well, this app takes that onus off your shoulders, so you can deal with the things that matter.

One of the great things about Keeper is its ability to synch across devices. It keeps everything behind a single ‘master’ password that wipes your secrets if a hack is attempted.

Also, if your office has a number of passwords for various tools, programs, and accounts, Keeper also has a group option. Group administrators manage the accounts and users to control what goes to whom. There’ll be no more asking around the office for the password or post it notes with passwords scrawled on stuck to computer screens.

All in all, this app enables you to work hard without having to take involuntary breaks you hunt down missing passwords.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

9. OfficeTime:

Freelancers, contractors, and others in the ranks of the self-employed grapple with the administration and paperwork that comes with running a small business. OfficeTime is a small business owner’s best friend. This highly practical yet relatively simple program helps SMBs keep track of their billable hours and other expenses, and it generates invoices for their work. 

OfficeTime tracks how much time you spend on various projects and tasks while you’re working, and it shows the minute-by-minute costs as they accumulate, or with numbers rounded however you choose. And whenever you can decrease the time spent managing yourself, you’re likely to be more productive.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS


Think of these apps as valuable by-products of today’s tech-rich life. The flip side of this technological advancement is that all of us want to do a lot more, in a lot less time. So these apps help you do the same. Not only do these apps help complete daily assignments efficiently, but they also aid in planning the next day, next week or the next month’s tasks. It is their usability as well as functionality that sets these seven apps apart from the rest of the market.

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