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MUrgency: This emergency medical response mobile app can save many lives

MUrgency Inc launched ‘MUrgency – One Global Emergency Response Network’ its first emergency medical response mobile app. The app was started with a motto to create a global emergency response network to help the people who need help during an emergency.

The app helps in creating the network of doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and bring them under one platform. It also provides its respondent with the various training program. Which include basic life support program, training Cardiopulmonary, Resuscitation training, first aid training and much more. So that they can help the needed one during the time of emergency.

So far the company has enroled over 1100 medical respondent and more than 70 hospital emergency rooms in Punjab.The medical training and certification to the respondent will be provided by Life supporters Institute of health science, Mumbai, A certified international training centre of American Heart Association (AHA).

“The enroled respondent will have the opportunity to practice in Basic Life Support including CPR under the MUrgency’s ‘BLS lab on the go’ program.” says Sweta Mangal, director Global Emergency Response, MUrgency Inc.

MUrgency is available on both android and ios. It will connect to people you need during the time of an emergency, such as medical, safety, rescue and professional assistance. It will make the nearest responder (doctors, EMT, nurse, ambulance, etc.) available to the person facing an emergency.

All the feature of the app is live as of today, except the MUrgency Responder Function. App also has a feature of setting up of a trusted Network of friends, family and neighbours who will be informed of the emergency and will receive the location of the person facing an emergency. When an emergency alert button is pressed.

The app also has a communication platform that includes chat, video, audio and photo messaging also has an innovative personal safety feature.

Murgency- One Global Emergency Response Network was launched on 16 Feb in the tri-city (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula) area in Punjab.

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