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Multitasking? Which is Better Computers or Tablets

Let’s imagine that you are singing and you are reading a book at the same time, impossible, right? That is what multitasking entails. The operating system on which a computer is running will determine if it can multitask. A computer can be receiving files and also running an application at the same time. The function of a computer to perform more than one function simultaneously is referred to as multitasking. This feature is one of the unique features of a computer with an operating system that can multitask. Tablets can also multitask; by this, two applications are running at the same time.

Types of Multitasking

When a computer is undertaking a multitasking operation, the central processing unit is at work. Suppose three programs are running, the CPU switches between these programs without the notice of the computer operator. During this process, two types of multitasking are used, cooperative multitasking and preemptive multitasking.

  • Cooperative multitasking: In this sort of multitasking, one program is in control of multiple processes in the same memory.
  • Preemptive multitasking: Some volume of time is apportioned to each task in the main memory. When the program is busy with I/O, operations control is given back.

Multitasking on Tablets

Multitasking on a tablet is a possible task, but the process is not as convenient as the computer. For instance, if you want to play in a UK casino and watch a YouTube video on how to play a casino game, both cannot display simultaneously. Both functions cannot show on the screen simultaneously. 

One will have to be relegated to the background for the other program to take the main screen. Quite a number of tablets allow applications to run simultaneously, but both applications cannot display on the screen at the same time. You cannot perform the task of writing an email and checking your calendar simultaneously. One function will have to give way to the other. With the latest upgrade, some tables can split their screen so that both processes will be on display.

Multitasking on Computer

On a computer, multitasking is very quickly done. The large screen of the computer can display two or more apps simultaneously. You could be typing a document in word and researching on chrome. All that is required is to split the screen into the size you prefer: the larger the screen size, the more convenient the programs to be displayed fully. You can have your game on the same screen like your mobile invest when you make payment at an online casino. The operating system that a computer uses will determine the speed of the task being performed. The volume of space available in the memory could either speed up the process or slow it down. Peradventure, you are downloading a two gig video while playing the game and your memory space is 2.5 gig; both approaches will be slow. In some situations, it could hang for a couple of seconds before its displays again.

Advantages of Computer Multitasking

  • Handling program error: While running multiple programs, if a program stops or develops an error, it doesn’t stop the other programs from proceeding.
  • Security of the computer memory: Multitasking programs do not put the protection of the memory at risk; each memory uses the space allocated to it.
  • Efficient use of computer resources: Since multitasking is a function of the computer, the process entails that the computer is used efficiently.
  • Saves time: It helps the computer user to save time. Imagine that you have to wait for a 10gig file to download before continuing working on Microsoft word.

Disadvantages of Multitasking

  • High-speed computers are needed: For your programs to run successfully.
  • Computer heat: When running multiple programs on a computer, the computer tends to heat up. If you run numerous programs, you might need to get an external cooling system.
  • Quality of result: Not everybody can multitask, even while using a computer, it can affect the quality of the work done.


Having examined multitasking on the tab and computer, you can conclude on which of the duo best for you is based on the facts presented here. Your choice will depend on the convenience at which you would like to do your work, the resources made available for you, the volume of time at your disposal, and other essential factors. Proper maintenance of the device will go a long way in affecting its productivity and life span.

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