Mujjo is an accessory maker based in the Netherlands. The company is rather known for its touchscreen gloves allowing users to operate their smartphone outdoors, especially during winters. We received the company’s latest design, Mujjo’s stretch-knit touchscreen gloves for a review. Let’s find out if its really worth spending money on touchscreen gloves.

How to do touchscreen gloves work?

Before anything else, let’s talk a bit about how touchscreen gloves work. Our smartphone’s display is covered with electrodes which are responsive to human skin. Hence, touchscreen gloves are made out of a fabric that essentially mimics the response of human touch.

Fit and Functionality

Mujjo’s all-new Touchscreen gloves have conductive fiber on the entire underside of the glove along with fingertips. We got a medium-size which fit me perfectly well. As for the fit, you can easily order one for your size thanks to their excellent size chart. Just go to the Mujjo website and find a size guide that actually allows you to print out a “handprint”, and put your hand over each one to find your size.

Talking about quality, the fabric is really premium as the gloves feel soft and comfortable to wear. It stretches easily and does not feel constrictive or leave marks when you take them off. Not to mention, they sport a sleek and simple design that also makes for a style statement.

Touchscreen Response

These gloves have stripes for a better grip that offer a good response and are well placed, especially while using a smartphone. I was able to use my iPhone 7 Plus effortlessly with these gloves on. The screen felt snappy and responsive to the gloves. I found it very easy to scroll through the phone or the web browser. Besides, I was also able to perform tasks involving precision such as typing messages or closing web browsers at ease.

Besides, these gloves are ideal to wear during Indian winters, but clearly not meant for extreme weather. However, you would be able to use your smartphone outdoors when the temperature is mildly cold.

– Comfortable and stylish
– Warm enough for mild to mid-temperature
– Excellent touchscreen capabilities

– Not meant for extreme winter

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a pair of amazing touchscreen gloves, look no further! These are very comfortable gloves and work as advertised. The touchscreen response is incredible, it’s like you’re not even wearing one while scrolling through your phone. They’ll definitely be my new daily driver gloves in the upcoming winter season.