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Mozilla Crowdsourcing AI-Based Voice-Recognition Software

Mozilla Corporation, the developer of the open-source web browser, is jumping to the realm of voice-based interaction by crowdsourcing AI-based voice-recognition software and soon the market is expected to experience another AI-driven assistant on smartphones and speakers. Up to now, only a few big names of the tech-industry like Google, Apple, and Facebook have been leading the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but this is the very first time that a relatively small company like Mozilla to fly into the aggressively competitive AI game.

With voice recognition and response, systems are making big headways into the tech-industry and recognition and practice of AI-driven assistants on smartphones, and sensible speakers are rising, the giants of tech marketplace have been heading towards leveraging this opportunity and the latest one to file its name in this line-up is Mozilla.


As stated officially, the company has found an effective way to collect and gather the data, needed for creating voice-recognition software. According to The Verge reports, Mozilla is using the project “Common Voice” as the starting point in data collection for commencing its process of developing its own AI software. The open-sourced voice recognition system, developed by Mozilla will be similar to how Apple’s Siri and Alexa functions. Currently, the firm is busy in collecting data and by the year’s end, the system will hit the market. As confirmed by Mozilla’s vice president, currently, Mozilla is planning to personalize the Common Voice method for building its AI-based voice-recognition software.

As explained by the company, the traditional AI systems functions on public datasets that don’t inevitably recognize individual and this can tilt AI-based voice-recognition software, and favor the accepted and the majority voices.

As said by Sean White, the vice president of emerging technology at Mozilla to The Verge, “Currently, the power to control AI-Based speech recognition is being dominated by only a few hands, and we don’t want to see that for a longer period. By the end of the year, the company will open source its new voice-recognition system, and anyone can voluntarily head over to Common Voice for donating their voice.”