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Motorola’s New Challenger: Can It Outperform the Galaxy S24 Ultra?


Motorola is poised to make waves in the smartphone market with its upcoming Razr Plus (2024), a device that has recently surfaced in leaks and renders. The anticipated foldable smartphone aims to compete with heavyweights like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, offering unique features and specifications that could potentially tip the scales in its favor.

Key Highlights:

  • The Motorola Razr Plus (2024) is expected to maintain its $1,000 price point, similar to its predecessors.
  • Anticipated improvements in camera performance, specifically in stabilization and HDR.
  • The device may feature a new main camera, although the addition of a third camera remains unlikely.
  • Early renders suggest minimal design changes but potential upgrades in display brightness and slimmed bezels.
  • A predicted slight increase in battery size to 4,000 mAh to support enhanced performance.


Motorola Razr Plus (2024) Overview

Design and Display: The Razr Plus (2024) is expected to continue Motorola’s tradition of offering a unique and user-friendly external display, outshining competitors like the Galaxy Z Flip series in terms of functionality. Although early renders indicate that the design remains largely unchanged, potential upgrades such as increased screen brightness and slimmer bezels could enhance the user experience.

Camera Enhancements: Motorola seems focused on addressing the Razr Plus’s camera shortcomings, specifically poor stabilization and HDR performance seen in previous models. While the addition of a third camera is unlikely due to design constraints, a new main sensor could introduce improvements, including a potential 2x sensor crop mode.

Performance and Storage: Details regarding the processor and storage options for the Razr Plus (2024) remain sparse. The previous model offered an 8/256GB configuration in the US, and it’s unclear whether Motorola will expand these options for the upcoming release.

Battery Life: The new Razr Plus is anticipated to feature a slightly larger battery, possibly around 4,000 mAh. This upgrade aims to support the device’s premium features while maintaining a compact form factor inherent to foldable designs.

Price Point Consistency: The Motorola Razr Plus (2024) is anticipated to maintain its price around $1,000, which aligns with the pricing strategy of previous models, making it a competitive option against high-end devices like the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Camera Upgrades Focused on User Demands: The new Razr Plus aims to address key areas where users have sought improvements, notably in camera stabilization and HDR performance. These enhancements could significantly boost its appeal to photography enthusiasts.

Design Evolution with Practical Upgrades: Despite minimal changes in the overall design, Motorola is expected to introduce meaningful enhancements such as increased display brightness and potentially slimmer bezels, which would contribute to a more immersive viewing experience.

As the smartphone market continues to evolve, Motorola’s approach with the Razr Plus (2024) showcases a commitment to refining and enhancing the foldable device experience. While it may not introduce groundbreaking changes, the focused improvements in camera performance, display quality, and battery life signal Motorola’s intent to offer a solid and competitive alternative to established giants like Samsung. Whether these enhancements will be enough to sway consumers remains to be seen, but the Razr Plus (2024) certainly positions itself as a device worth watching in the coming year.