Motorola Mobility has released a teaser which showcases the upcoming Moto Razr. Rumored to be unveiled on June 9 at Lenovo Tech World, the title of the teaser reads Moto 06.09.16, which itself confirms the release date. Moreover, Motorola has posted a link, which takes you to a separate page where you can provide the required details to get new updates about the upcoming device.

Nearly 12 years later, the Lenovo-owned brand is reportedly manufacturing the next generation Moto Razr. The teaser features few people, most probably high school students walking with the device and snapping few pictures.

While students make use of the device, teachers look around them very seriously. However, students are not concerned about anything, and they continue to speak.

The video also portrays the ultimate portability of the device. You can quickly flip the display when you get a call and carry the device in your shirt pocket very easily.

Motorola’s award-winning Moto Razr became very popular in 2004. Launched with the brand name Razr V3, the company had sold over 130 million units at that time because we only had mobile phones powered by Symbian and the Android-based smartphones had not yet evolved. If you happened to purchase Razr 12 years back, you would know how lucky you were.

According to gadget experts, Motorola will integrate a refreshed version of Android on the Razr flip phone. Even though the internal storage will be less, it will be sufficient to accommodate plenty of images.

On the specifications front, the upcoming Moto Razr will feature a display, which will be less than 2.5-inches in addition to a low-end Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage (expandable up to 16GB), 5MP main camera coupled with a 1.3MP front-facing snapper.

As per rumors, the upcoming Razr device is expected to be manufactured using superior titanium than what we saw 12 years back. Moreover, the upcoming Razr will have a thickness of less than 12mm, which is comparatively better than the previous 14mm.

In all probability, the new Moto Razr will have a Micro-SIM slot instead of Mini-SIM we saw 14 years back in addition to SD card, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Can’t wait? Navigate to the YouTube video and click on the link. Provide all the details and wait. You will receive information about the availability and pricing on or after June 9.