Time to bid farewell to Motorola and welcome to ‘Moto by Lenovo’

One of the world’s most iconic names in the mobile technology market, Motorola is making an exit. Lenovo, which bought Motorola Mobility from Google back in 2014, announced that it wishes to bring together its two mobile businesses under one wing.

It is the Moto brand and its homegrown Vibe brand. Rest be assured that the Motorola name will not be entirely lost, but would become Moto by Lenovo.

Motorola name would live on as a corporate division. It was announced on Thursday by Rick Osterloh, Motorola Chief Operating Officer at the CES conference in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Motorola is broadly attributed to the first organization to create a mobile phone ten years ago. But, it has had a major struggle staying afloat in the wake of major smartphone manufacturers. It, therefore, split and was acquired by Google back in 2012.

Google later sold it to Chinese technology firm, Lenovo, two years later. Lenovo’s move to buy the brand was primarily seen as an endeavour to pick up prevalence in global markets, where Motorola was a more mainstream handset brand.

Lenovo then again was already seen to a great extent as a PC creator in the greater part of the world outside of its country China.

Motorola marking may be leaving. However, the notorious Moto logo or the M image will still be utilized on the Moto gadgets. The organization affirmed that it was going ahead with smartphone manufacturing. But for devices such as the Moto X will brandish a blue Lenovo logo.

Future top of the line cell phones will convey a “Moto by Lenovo” mark while more mid-reach offerings will be marked listed under Lenovo’s Vibe name.

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