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Most popular things to do during the coronavirus outbreak

Humanity has something new to worry about all of a sudden – the novel coronavirus or Covid 19. While this is not the first time we are faced with an epidemic of global scale, the latest iteration of it is proving to be far more devastating than what we have had in our living memories so far.

What makes the new epidemic all the more frustrating is that it shares a lot of similarities with common flu, something we all have experience going through. That makes us feel less inclined to pay much heed to it though the situation obviously is not the same this time.

Rather, the initial recommendation to fight the spread of the disease is far more dreadful than ever imagined – remain locked down in our own home, something that has come to be described as social distancing. That may be acceptable for a day or two, but from the way things are shaping up, it seems we may have to continue with the lockdown for a few more weeks.

That said, there sure are ways to make the most of our time that we are forced to spend indoors. Read on.

Spend some quality time with your family:

When was the last time you got to spend some quality time with your family? Your kids will love having you around when normally you’d have been out at work. Their schools too are shut, which means your home is an alive and happening place all of a sudden with everyone around. Make the most of it.

Finish your pending tasks: 

While you are at home, you can use the time to finish things that you have always wanted to do but could not for want of time. Go for it now. Those may be like getting your garage in order, decluttering your wardrobe, weeding your garden, and so on.

Play Games online or on your phone:

Playing games can be utterly satisfactory and allows you to kill time when you have a lot of it as you are quarantined in your home. There are a lot of types of games available currently in the market and most of them are pretty much free to play. You just need to download them on your phone or just open the browser and play online. There are different genres of games available to play like card games, arcades, racing, betting games, action, and strategy games. Also, if you are feeling bored, you can utilize your time by playing on one of the online casinos in India and use your skills to win some extra bucks for yourself. Since now most of the land-based casinos are closed (and even if they are open – don’t go out!) an online casino is a great alternative. Spinning some 10 cent slots while watching a movie on a cosy sofa – nothing better than that.

Go on a movie watching spree:

This specifically applies to movie buffs though anyone might have a wishlist of movies that they’d like to watch. Now is the time to do so. Check your subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar, and such and get along. Malls and theatres are closed or are to be strictly avoided though you can always enjoy your favourite movies in your own home. And with your families around, now is the best time to indulge in binge-watching.

Indulge in your hobbies:

Another way to make the most of your forced homestays is to cultivate your hobbies all over again. Maybe you got detached from those thanks to working pressure though it is time to get along with those again. Whether be it gardening, reading books, painting, or whatever, you can always do things that do not require you to go outside.

Get back in shape:

Visiting the gym is a strict no-no at the moment though you can continue with your fitness regime at home itself. Even for those who don’t have the time to hit the gym, now is the best time to start with their own exercise regime. Take some time out every day and do some exercises or a few yoga poses. You will really love it after you have shed some flab. And when things get back to normal, surprise all with a leaner and a more fit look of yourself.

Allow nature to refresh itself:

While you are indoors, nature outside might actually be heaving a sigh of relief. Be it the mountains, rivers, gorges, the woods, the springs, the open fields. They perhaps never had it this long without being bothered by humankind. Provide nature with some much-needed break. As it, pollution levels the world over has seen a sharp dip in the last few weeks. Allow time for nature to heal herself.


While the above points to some fun ways we can light things up our lives a bit, there is no denying we are going through some unprecedented times at the moment. Perhaps the biggest problem with Covid-19 is that it comes with symptoms that we are all too used to. It also has a mortality rate of just over 2 percent. Unfortunately, it is spreading far more aggressively than initially estimated, and maybe it is this that has turned out to the biggest issue at the moment.

As such, the best thing we can do right now is to keep ourselves isolated and seek prompt medical advice when needed. Stay safe and healthy.

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