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Most popular music apps without ads

Music can be considered an invisible string that our lives are woven with. It would be hard to find anyone who isn’t a fan of music, if not being completely addicted to it. Fortunately, there isn’t any dearth of means – read apps – to listen to music in the digital age though most have ads disrupting the flow or will require subscribing to a paid plan to have an ad-free experience. Then there are also apps that will let you have the best of both worlds, listen to music without the ads in between to annoy you. Zeroing in on such apps might be a herculean task though it is here that we can be of help in selecting the most popular music apps without ads. Read on!


SoundCloud comes across as a platform where you can listen to some great music as well as share those with your friends and family. Also, with a never-ending stream of new content added to the list on a daily basis, there is always plenty of new music to discover and listen to every day. That way, it can be considered as the YouTube of music where creators are encouraged to post their latest musical creations and grow their audience. Further, SoundCloud is compatible with wide-ranging devices, which includes Android, iOS, Sonos, Chromecast, Web, and Xbox One. That means you will never run out of devices to listen to music from SoundCloud. And the best part of it all? You can have it all for free and without the disturbing ads in between thanks to AdLock. Here is a comprehensive guide from AdLock on how to disable the ads on SoundCloud.

Amazon Prime Music

The Amazon Prime Music service is completely free to anyone who is an Amazon Prime member. Apart from being free, the other huge positive with the Amazon music app is that it is completely free of ads. The app available on both Android and iOS is easy to use and has a simple yet informative user interface. With over 2 million songs on offer, the Amazon Prime Music is also one of the largest collections too where you can have multiple options on almost all genres you can think of.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the standard music app that comes by default on all Android devices. The app provides great intuitive tools that will help you find new music. The app is also great for listening to music in those areas where internet connectivity isn’t reliable since all of your music is stored locally within your device, and you can always catch up with those whenever you wish to.


The Slicethepie app is a step or two ahead of others here since it not only offers an ads-free music listening experience, but it pays you to review music. It also is a great app for discovering new music, as well as fresh talent as most of it here, is from new and upcoming artists whose creations you will have to review. Providing feedback on such music can let you win cash while there also is the chance of winning some bonus as well.


One of the biggest positives, among several with the Shazam app is that it can identify songs with just one tap. This really sets the tone for listening to great music. Also, it can store every song it tags in your account which makes it easy to discover those later on. There is an automatic mode too that will let you listen to songs the moment the app is launched. Also, buying music via the app is a breeze. All of this makes the app really great for listening to music with no apps to bother you.

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